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Dell AppAssure - Exchange Server Data Protection
Backup, Replication and Recovery Software


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Dell AppAssure continuously protects and monitors the health of your Exchange data stores and allows administrators to quickly search, recover, and analyze mailbox content. Back up and restore individual email messages, folders, or mailboxes to a live Exchange server or directly to a PST, thereby solving some of your most costly and time consuming challenges.

Why Dell AppAssure 5 for Microsoft Exchange?

Exchange is one of the most business-critical elements within your IT infrastructure. It’s a focal point for your company’s communications for your employees, partners and clients. Losing email in a disaster, therefore, can be a big problem, so getting it back in a hurry – all of it – is crucial.

AppAssure for Exchange answers that need with advanced four-way protection, part of a comprehensive backup, recovery, and replication solution for Windows and Linux environments. Including:

  • No-impact backups. Dell AppAssure 5 hot backups don’t require you to take a server offline, nor do they slow it down.

  • Near-zero recovery point objective (RPO). With backups every five minutes, AppAssure delivers outstanding recovery point granularity – for up to 288 recovery points over 24 hours.

  • Near-zero recovery time objective (RTO). AppAssure’s Live Recovery feature allows users to begin using Exchange in 15 minutes or less after a failure regardless of how much data is involved. For even faster recoveries, AppAssure’s powerful replication function allows you to simply turn on a preconfigured, up-to-date spare VM machine if your Exchange Server goes down.

  • Certain recovery. AppAssure ensures reliable and transactionally consistent backups of Exchange 2003/2007 SP1 Rollup 5 through to Exchange 2010. If AppAssure says a backup is good, you can be certain it’s recoverable.

You no longer need expensive standalone tools for Exchange item recovery that are licensed per mailbox.

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