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Dell AppAssure 5 - Windows Desktops (VDI)
Backup, Replication and Recovery Software


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Dell AppAssure for Windows Desktops (VDI) simplifies and automates backup and disaster recovery processes, while giving an administrator the ability to remotely monitor and manage large VDI deployments or geographically distributed machines from a single console.

The centralized management allows organizations to rapidly scale their backup and recovery plans to cover a few or thousands of workstations. Flexible scheduling and event-based triggering of backups allows administrators to automate backups and prevent loss of data. Centralized management and policy-based migrations dramatically improve productivity of IT staff and end users.

Advantages of AppAssure data protection

Here’s how Dell AppAssure technology delivers better Windows backup protection:

Highly scaleable, highly efficient backup

  • AppAssure scales for speed by automatically "turning on" as many AppAssure core CPUs as are needed to handle workload peaks. It also scales for data capacity with ultra-efficient block-level incremental-forever backups that are data-deduplicated across all the servers on your network.

This results in:

  • Line-speed user access to applications. Feel free to schedule as many simultaneous backups as you like even during peak work hours because backup jobs never get in the way of full-speed production environments, even if your network runs at 10 gbit/sec.
  • More efficient disk storage. Dell AppAssure keeps your storage footprint small whether your storage environment is small or large. And, Exabyte-level scalability easily meets the needs of Big Data environments.

Rapid recovery from nearly any point in time

  • Achieve near-zero application recovery time objectives (RTO). Choose to recover from any one of up to 288 recovery points a day for Windows to practically eliminate the potential for data loss.

Comprehensive data off-siting, fail-over, fail-back

  • Dell AppAssure builds in WAN-optimized, deduplication-aware replication for off-siting backup data to public or private clouds. Data seeding is available for sites with slow or highly latent links. A virtual standby function creates and maintains an up-to-date virtual standby clone of a production server as of the last snapshot. Fail-Over and Fail-Back allows your secondary site or a managed service provider site to recover instances from replicated machines and immediately commence protection on the failed-over machines, and then fail back when the problem is solved.

Unified user interface

  • Protect a few or a few thousand machines from any Web browser. AppAssure 5 features a new web-based management console that is compatible with industry-standard browsers on laptops, tablets and notebooks. You can manage your data protection responsibilities and solve problems from any location with an Internet connection.

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