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Cloud Advisory Service
Optimize your applications for private, public, or hybrid clouds

Cloud Advisory Service

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Accelerate your journey to the cloud with EMC Cloud Advisory Service. This service evaluates your application workloads, determines which ones would benefit from migration to the cloud, and helps you decide on the best cloud deployment model.

You’ll build on best practices that EMC Global Services has developed during thousands of application modernization engagements. Start planning the infrastructure you need for IT as a service (ITaaS).

The EMC Cloud Advisory Service uses automated discovery and analysis to optimize placement of applications in the cloud. Analyzing the application portfolio with our platform is 50% faster and requires 75% fewer client resources than assembling the data manually.

Business Challenges

Cloud computing is fueling a transformation of IT, dramatically improving agility and enabling organizations to efficiently deliver services that maximize business value. The question facing executives today is not whether to use the cloud, but how to maximize its benefits.

IT executives are defining cloud strategies to leverage the flexibility, scalability and economy of private, public, and hybrid cloud models, while still leveraging the security, efficiency, and control of today’s enterprise data centers. To deliver such a cloud strategy, you must address fundamental assumptions about how IT is managed, delivered, and consumed. Ask yourself some key questions: “What is the role of service providers in our hybrid cloud strategy? What is the best cloud delivery model for our key application workloads?” You need a plan that aligns your key applications with the cost, risk, and agility benefits your business stakeholders expect.

Service Description

With the EMC® Cloud Advisory Service, you can achieve the right mix of private, public, and hybrid cloud delivery models for your key application workloads. EMC provides a cloud application strategy that is specific to the needs and activities of your business, recognizes your current IT capabilities, and understands how service provider partners can provide complementary services to your own IT infrastructure. We also help you execute your strategy using an innovative, tool-based approach to workload analysis that places workloads in the optimal private, public, or hybrid cloud model by analyzing your business and technology requirements. Service deliverables include:

  • Business application alignment—maps selected applications to associated business processes to validate relevance and service levels for the business activity, using the EMC Planning Studio toolset to assure a consistent evaluation across your business
  • Application suitability assessment for cloud—examines your business requirements for selected application workloads and determines whether they are best delivered through a private cloud, public cloud, or legacy IT environment, using the EMC Planning Studio toolset
  • Workload placement analysis—EMC consistently analyzes these selected application workloads to determine their optimal cloud delivery model, including recommendations for specific public cloud services providers, based on your specific business and technology architectural considerations, using the EMC Design Studio toolset

Summary Of Benefits

The EMC Cloud Advisory Service optimizes the mix of cloud delivery models and selection of service provider partners for your target application workloads, while ensuring a consistent architecture. You’ll gain clear insight into the operational and technical considerations to address for achieving automation of IT services—and have a defined path for accomplishing your transformation objectives, at a pace that’s right for your organization. The EMC tool-based approach to evaluating applications for cloud is 50% faster than competitive manual techniques and requires 75% fewer client resources. EMC combines a holistic approach to cloud, years of data center and information infrastructure experience, and cloud consulting expertise to successfully address your organization’s specific requirements.

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