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Dell Compellent Data Instant Replay
Continuous snapshots deliver continuous protection

Dell Compellent Data Instant Replay


What if you could protect your data without the limitations of traditional snapshots? Dell Compellent Data Instant Replay software creates point-in-time copies called Replays. With Data Instant Replay, you minimize system downtime with the ability to recover any size volume in seconds and create and store Replays at any time interval with minimal storage capacity and, without performance degradation. By creating space-efficient point-in-time copies based on a schedule that meets your business needs, Data Instant Replay helps you meet recovery point objectives without traditional storage system restraints. With Data Instant Replay, you're protected against data hazards and disruptions, including viruses, power outages, hardware failures and human errors.

Dell Compellent Data Instant Replay enables organizations to take thousands of continuous snapshots to speed recovery to any point in time. Fluid Data technology doesn’t require full-volume clones — not even to provide a base snapshot. Instead, after first write an initial snapshot is taken of that write data only. Subsequently, only incremental changes in data are captured and the system uses real-time intelligence to create virtual pointers between all associated blocks. Stored on lower-cost drives to free up Tier 1 capacity, in most cases these readable/writable snapshots can be used to recover any size volume to any server in less than 10 seconds.

Space-efficient snapshots

Dell Compellent network storage delivers continuous data protection using space-efficient snapshots called Replays. With Data Instant Replay, once a base snapshot of a volume is taken, only incremental changes in data need to be captured. This not only saves disk space, but speeds local recovery of lost or deleted files. A high number of Replays can be scheduled in short intervals for recovery to a previously known state.

How to Protect Data Efficiently with Data Instant Replay

  • Deploy dozens of virtual machines at once
  • Create Replays to match your recovery objectives without performance degradation
  • Eliminate tape for daily backups
  • Minimize system downtime from disk or server failures, viruses or human error
  • Easily set up Replay schedules with intuitive point-and-click interface
  • Cut time and risk by testing new software and patches on actual data before releasing to production
  • Reduce the cost of servers by increasing the efficiency of booting from the SAN
  • Create frequent Replays (snapshots) using minimal capacity and system overhead
  • Recover most volumes to a server in less than 10 seconds for high availability
  • Leverage Consistency Group technology to ensure integrity of data spanning multiple volumes
  • Roll back to any previously known state using a simple point-and-click interface