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Dell Compellent Data Progression
The industry's only proven automated tiered storage

Dell Compellent Data Progression


Based on actual use and performance requirements, Dell Compellent Data Progression automatically classifies and migrates data to the optimum tier and RAID level. All new data is written to Tier 1, RAID 10, for the highest write performance, yet snapshots automatically move to the lowest tier and most cost-effective RAID level within 24 hours. The most active blocks of data remain on high-performance SSD, Fibre Channel or SAS drives, while inactive blocks dynamically migrate to lower-cost, high-capacity NL-SAS drives. With Data Progression, organizations can dramatically reduce ongoing costs of storage.

Automated tiered storage

Dell Compellent Fluid Data storage dynamically moves enterprise data to the optimal storage tier based on actual use. The most active blocks reside on high-performance SSD, Fibre Channel or SAS drives, while infrequently accessed data migrates to lower-cost, high-capacity SAS drives. The result is network storage that remains in tune with application needs, with overall storage costs cut by up to 80%.

How to Optimize Enterprise Storage with Data Progression

  • Eliminates risk by delivering dynamic data migration with technology in use since 2005
  • Offers the most complete sub-LUN tiering solution, with full automation and system integration
  • Provides unmatched value by cutting storage costs up to 80 percent while improving performance
  • Built into virtualized storage platform for optimum efficiency and performance
  • Granular, real-time intelligence for precise, efficient data placement on optimum tier and RAID level
  • Policy-based automation allows you to "set it and forget it"
  • Leverages all other software features, including snapshots for read/write performance
  • Puts most active blocks on fastest, outer tracks of each drive, grouping associated blocks together
  • Platform independence so you can scale without limits
  • Automated tiering eliminates manual data classification and migration while lowering drive counts and power/cooling costs
  • Write active blocks of data to Tier 1 storage with performance-optimized RAID levels such as RAID 10
  • Automatically migrate inactive blocks of data to lower-tier storage with higher-overhead, high-protection RAID 5 or 6
  • Mix SSD, FC and SAS drives in the same system, and SAS drives with varied rotational speeds in the same enclosure
  • Deploy SSDs to maximize write performance and data availability for mission-critical applications
  • Automatically restripe volume data across all drives when adding capacity on demand