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Dell Compellent Fast Track
Data Placement Optimization

Dell Compellent Fast Track


Dell Compellent Fast Track technology enhances Automated Tiered Storage by dynamically placing the most frequently accessed data on the fastest, or outer, tracks of each drive. Meanwhile, the least active blocks of data remain on the inner tracks of all drives in each storage tier. The result is ready access to frequently used data with fewer drives than conventional enterprise network storage systems.

How to Optimize Data Placement with Fast Track

  • Use up to 30 percent fewer drives without sacrifi cing performance
  • Reduce power consumption by decreasing reliance on costly, high-power drives
  • Radically reduce the cost of storage
  • Improve the performance of every drive over time based on actual usage patterns
  • Operates inside the volume to optimize data placement, improve performance and create a dynamic system
  • Leverage Thin Provisioning to write only actual data to the fastest tracks of each drive
  • Eliminate manual data classification and migration while lowering drive counts and power/cooling costs
  • Purchase fewer drives overall and efficiently utilize lower-cost drives – all without sacrificing performance
  • Reduce seek times for the most active blocks of data within each storage tier