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Dell Compellent Live Volume
Beyond data recovery into business continuity

Dell Compellent Live Volume


With Compellent Live Volume, organizations can continuously optimize storage for high availability and flexibility. Administrators can move enterprise data when and where it's needed on demand, based on ever-changing business conditions and application requirements. With Live Volume, storage volumes are no longer tied to a particular array or data center. Instead, data can be accessed, moved and shared from multiple locations. Live Volume supports any virtualized server environment and complements leading virtual machine (VM) movement engines.

Dynamic Storage Migration

For years, Compellent has intelligently moved data within our array to increase efficiency and performance. Now, we are automatically moving volumes between arrays to deliver high availability and continuous access to data.

Live Volume acts as a storage hypervisor between two Compellent arrays, allowing organizations to transparently move volumes between arrays on demand. Since Live Volume is fully integrated into the Fluid Data storage platform, there is no need for an external device, which only adds complexity and cost. There is also no limit to the number, creation, deletion or updating of shared volumes, and the number of Live Volume pairings is only limited by bandwidth. Plus, Compellent arrays do not require identical configurations to use Live Volume.

Live Volume complements Compellent Remote Instant Replay, which provides ongoing replication between primary and remote sites. Also, Thin Provisioning is automatically applied to all shared volumes for optimum efficiency.

Live Volume is a key enabling technology for true business continuity at a fraction of the cost of other data migration solutions, which often require additional hardware, costly appliances and server-side agents.

Live Volume automatically migrates storage when virtual applications are moved, allows administrators to preemptively and non-disruptively move storage for maintenance and planned outages, and delivers ondemand load balancing based on actual storage I/O load.

The Live Volume Advantage

  • Fully integrated platform feature that supports Thin Provisioning and Automated Tiered Storage
  • Fraction of the cost of other solutions, with no additional hardware, server agents or costly appliances required
  • Works with multiple hypervisors, including VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix XenServer
  • Imposes no limit on the number of volumes that can be created, shared, deleted or updated
  • Allows organizations to scale out cost effectively, laying the foundation for a grid of arrays operating as one