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Dell DR2000v Backup Disk Virtual Appliance
Ensure data protection and disaster recovery for remote and branch offices

Dell DR2000v Backup Disk Virtual Appliance

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Avoid the logistic and cost obstacles of deploying a physical backup to disk appliance with the DR2000v, an economical alternative for protecting data at remote or branch offices.  An expansion of the Dell DR series, the DR2000v is a disaster recovery (DR) backup virtual appliance running inside a virtual machine (VM) on a VMware ESXi or Microsoft Hyper-V server.

This pure software solution delivers all the same benefits of a physical DR appliance, including deduplication, compression, replication and advanced data protection.  To store the backed-up data, the DR2000v uses storage disks resident in the hypervisor server it’s loaded on and requires a peer DR4000, DR4100 or DR6000 appliance to be activated. The DR2000v licenses (orderable in packs of 1 or 10 licenses) are available in capacity points of 1, 2 or 4TB (with a maximum of 8 containers), so data protection and disaster recovery can now be expanded to remote or branch office locations.

  • Data protection: The DR2000v supports wide variety of backup software applications to help solve backup issues and offers the same deduplication guarantees as Dell DR series appliances, including global, in-line, variable-block deduplication which reduces volumes of data from backups by a ratio of 15:1.
  • Greater value: Lower the total cost of ownership for remote or branch office data protection by consolidating the backup target with your existing virtual infrastructure. Or integrate the DR2000v into your converged infrastructure deployments, such as the Dell VRTX system.
  • Ease of deployment: The DR2000v is a non-disruptive addition to existing backup and recovery environments in remote or branch offices. Because it supports a variety of leading hypervisors, you can install it on existing hypervisor servers in sites where deploying a physical appliance presents logistical challenges.
  • Business continuity: DR2000v licenses are tied to physical Dell DR series appliances and offer all the same features, including deduplication, compression and bidirectional replication, to ensure data is always available for recovery.

Dell DR Series disk backup and disaster recovery solutions

Minimize the time and storage needed to protect production data by using a backup-to-disk appliance as the repository for protected data. The Dell DR Series appliances ensure data recovery and integrity and overcome the toughest backup and disaster recovery challenges. They provide fasterbackup and restore times, and reduce the amount of storage necessary to protect ever-growing data sets.

By using built–in, block-based deduplication and compression in conjunction with DR Rapid technologythe DR4100, the DR6000 and the DR2000v help you:

  • Reduce the storage footprint for backups.
  • Enable backup data to remain on disk and online longer.
  • Remove the need to use tapes for backup.
  • Minimize the amount of data sent over networks to disaster recovery sites.
  • Lowers backup storage costs by using deduplication and compression.
  • Decreases TCO with all-inclusive licensing (replication, DR Rapid and future software enhancements).
  • Makes disaster recovery more economical compared to standard disk and tape.
  • Increases disaster recovery readiness by reducing WAN traffic more than 20x.
  • Enhances data protection with built-in software safeguards (early write verify and continuous data protection).
  • Incorporates data protection hardware features (NVRAM, surface scans, RAID6 storage, hot spares).

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