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Dell Compellent Flash-Optimized Solutions
Boost performance for enterprise applications, such as Oracle and SQL

Dell Compellent Flash-Optimized Solutions

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Flash-optimized solutionsFlash-optimized solutions

Dell Compellent Flash-Optimized Solutions provide all-flash or hybrid-flash storage with the SC220 enclosure and enhanced Storage Center 6.4 firmware. Flash-Optimized Solutions are designed to provide very-high-performance, low-latency storage to:

  • Boost performance for enterprise applications, such as Oracle and SQL
  • Accelerate OLTP, ERP systems and other I/O-intensive workloads
  • Improve throughput and latency for virtual desktop environments
  • Help lower data center power consumption and cooling requirements
  • Help reduce rack space by up to 84% and reduce latency by up to 90%
Storage Center 6.4

Storage Center 6.4

Enhanced SC6.4 firmware provides exceptional capabilities designed to separate the Dell Compellent Flash-Optimized solutions from other all-flash and hybrid-flash solutions.

  • It is the first storage solution in its class to tier sub-LUN data across traditional rotating drives, write-optimized single-level cell (SLC) SSDs, and read-optimized multi-level cell (MLC) SSDs.
  • With the ability to tier across write-intensive SLC SSDs and lower-cost, high-capacity, read-intensive MLC SSDs in a single solution, Dell Compellent Flash-Optimized solutions can reduce costs up to 80 percent compared to other Flash-Optimized Solutions.
  • Dell Compellent Flash-Optimized solutions offer up to an approximate 2x price advantage over hybrid-flash solutions and up to an approximate 5x price advantage over competitive all-flash solutions.

Global services and support

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