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Dell PowerVault LTO-7 Tape Drive
Store up to 6TB (native) of data at up to 1080GB/hr (native)

Dell PowerVault LTO-7 Tape Drive

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PowerVault LTO-7 Tape Drive - Store up to 6TB* (native) of data at up to 1080GB*/hr (native). A 6Gb/s SAS interface enables the PowerVault LTO-7 tape drive to connect to PowerEdge servers. Upgrade easily from previous versions thanks to read/write compatibility with LTO-6 media and read compatibility with LTO-5.

Taking advantage of Linear Tape Open (LTO) technology’s high performance and capacity, Dell PowerVault LTO tape drives deliver reliable, cost-effective backup support.

  • Up to 12TB native capacity per cartridge
  • Up to 300MB/s native transfer rate per half-height drive (1080GB/hr); Up to 360MB/s native transfer rate per full-height drive (1296GB/hr) 
  • Device-level AES-256 hardware encryption
  • LTFS-capable

High-performance, reliable, cost-effective data protection

Businesses and public organizations create mountains of data each day — information that is compiled, analyzed, moved, shared, stored and that may have to be archived to comply with organizational, industry and government regulations. As your organization increasingly relies on data-rich applications to generate revenue and achieve operational efficiency, protecting your data is vital. In fact, it may be the single most important thing you can do to ensure the ongoing success of your business. Tape backup is traditionally one of the most cost-effective ways to keep data safe and available.

LTO tape technology: The value of standards

Linear Tape Open, or LTO, technology was developed by an industry consortium to provide the reliability, scalability and performance that today’s IT environments demand of tape storage solutions. A single LTO-7 tape houses up to 6TB of data, and transfers data at up to 300MB/sec, making LTO ideal for the high capacity and streaming backup requirements of today’s enterprises. The LTO standard features help protect your technology investment with a clear growth path, from the original LTO-1, to the new LTO-7, and with a roadmap to future development through LTO-10. LTO’s open standard enables tape and drive compatibility among vendors, and has spawned competition that leads to quality products, innovation and widespread availability at the best prices. Openness means the customer wins.

The Dell PowerVault LTO family

Dell PowerVault LTO tape drives help provide business continuity and disaster recovery for organizations of all sizes. The Dell PowerVault LTO tape drive family offers a range of products that balance affordability and performance. LTO-7 delivers the greatest storage capacity in the portfolio at 6TB per cartridge, making it ideal for backing up large volumes and consolidating long term archive while reducing IT costs associated with data protection and data preservation. By virtue of being offline and portable, LTO tape cartridges can easily and securely be moved off site to mitigate the risk associated with data loss or data corruption due to hardware failure, human error, natural disaster, theft, sabotage or virus.

The value of security

Dell PowerVault LTO tape drives also offer added data protection and security features. For customers with data compliance requirements, Dell PowerVault LTO tape drives offer write-once-read-many (WORM) technology. Data that is written to an LTO WORM cartridge in WORM format cannot be rewritten or altered. Organizations that choose Dell PowerVault LTO tape drives for backup and archive will also benefit from being able to use their cost-effective tape solution to meet government and industry requirements for unalterable archives of data. The Dell PowerVault LTO-4 and later generation tape drives use an AES-256 bit encryption key for data encryption, which is performed in the tape device after host data is received and compressed, at full line speed — resulting in no impact on throughput performance and no hostprocessor MIPS overhead. Device level encryption removes the need for costly and complex encryption software.

Dell services

Dell Global Services provides end-to-end service and support solutions to help you take advantage of your new PowerVault LTO tape drive. You can count on award-winning support services to rapidly respond to your needs, and help you reduce the risk and complexity in your IT environment.

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