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MozyEnterprise Cloud Backup for Desktops and Laptops
Complete control and customizability


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Most critical files reside on desktops/laptops

The critical task of backing up and protecting desktop and laptop data for large businesses is an expensive and challenging endeavor, one that requires ongoing diligence.

These days, because of an increasingly mobile workforce, many desktops and laptops live outside of secure corporate networks. Yet, most of a company’s critical files are stored on employee desktops and laptops, which are especially susceptible to risk, including hard drive failure, coffee spills, theft, or loss.

Many businesses lack a comprehensive data backup protection policy for their desktops and laptops; other businesses do not back up their desktop and laptop data at all. Further, some backup solutions disrupt user productivity, lack security and centralized management, and leave systems vulnerable to data loss.

As digital information continues to grow, it is becoming more difficult to manage. However, if information is not backed up, it can be lost or damaged at anytime and may not be recoverable, resulting in user downtime, lost revenue, or even long-term or permanent damage to reputation.

Complete data protection and control

MozyEnterprise® protects critical data by encrypting selected files and sending them to the EMC cloud for secure access and recovery when needed, all through a webbased, multi-tenant administrator’s console for complete control and customizability. MozyEnterprise makes backing up and restoring data for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers simple to manage and easy to use.

Mozy’s uncomplicated and affordable license model saves you time and money with an enterprise-grade data backup solution that doesn’t take months to set up, require thousands of dollars of new hardware investment, or force you to hire more administrative overhead.

Mozy is backed by EMC, so you can be confident that your organization’s data is safe, secure, and readily available.

Sync and mobile access

MozyEnterprise not only protects desktops and laptops, it works hand in hand with Mozy® Sync and the Mozy mobile app. With Mozy Sync, users simply place their files in their local Sync folder and they’re immediately available from any connected desktop or laptop. And the Mozy app for iOS and Android devices lets designated users access their important files from their approved smartphones or tablets, putting all of their information at their fingertips on whichever device they are using. File sync and mobile access allow your workforce to work anywhere by giving them the flexibility to securely access all of their important files in real time. Plus, it’s an effective way to boost workforce productivity.

Tools that provide protection

The MozyEnterprise web console allows the IT admins to:

  • Easily manage backup, sync, and mobile access for thousands of users
  • Create subadministrators
  • View account usage, history, and stats
  • Generate and email reports automatically
  • Securely integrate with Active Directory and other identity providers via LDAP for automated management of Mozy user accounts and SAML for SSO
  • Customize configuration settings

Designed with the end-user experience in mind

With MozyEnterprise, administrators can manage backups centrally or devolve some, or all, of the control to the user. If empowered, users can use the MozyEnterprise client to:

  • Sign in using Active Directory credentials
  • Select files and folders to back up
  • Set up a Mozy Sync folder to keep their active files updated across multiple devices
  • Set automatic and scheduled backups
  • Configure options and bandwidth throttling
  • Enable local backup with Mozy® 2xProtect™ for Windows
  • Enable on-demand backups
  • See a history of all backups
  • Restore files and folders


Mozy Support representatives know the service, understand your technical configurations, and can help you resolve issues quickly. The Mozy Support team is available to Mozy customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The Support Portal features a knowledge base, tutorials, Mozy Community, documentation, live online chat, and phone support.

Mozy Support is the recipient of two Stevie Awards, which recognize Mozy in the Best Use of Technology in Customer Service for Computer Software and Services category.