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MozyEnterprise Cloud Backup for Remote and Branch Offices
provides secure data protection on any Internet-connected device.


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Back up and protect your offsite data

Organizations are increasingly reliant on digital information; however, threats to that data present challenges to IT professionals who must protect it no matter where it resides.

Of particular concern is the data that’s being created at remote and branch offices, where data is not adequately protected, or worse, is not protected at all. Even if files are being backed up, remote and branch offices are typically protected by inconsistent processes that live outside corporate backup policies.

Often, unreliable tape devices result in “tape islands,” where each remote or branch office is responsible for its own backup processes. Unfortunately, such ad hoc processes are created and overseen by limited IT staff (or even non-technical staff) who depend on employee interaction to perform manual backup and recovery.

Complete data protection and control

MozyEnterprise® provides secure data protection through the EMC cloud, centralized management, enterprise-grade file encryption, and the ability to restore files through any Internet-connected device.

The solution is particularly suitable for remote and branch offices, including those with smaller server workloads. Initial backups for your Windows, Mac and Linux computers, and your VMware vSphere VMs are sent directly to the cloud. All new and changed information is backed up incrementally for fast and efficient daily data protection. One central administrator can manage the backups for the entire remote or branch office from a single web-based console.

Mozy’s uncomplicated and affordable license model saves you time and money with an enterprise-grade data backup solution that doesn’t take months to set up, require thousands of dollars of new hardware investment, or force you to hire more administrative help.

Uniquely suited for remote and branch offices

MozyEnterprise is an inexpensive solution compared to the cost of tapes, hardware, and ongoing maintenance typically associated with remote and branch offices. Benefits include:

  • Easy to install and use software client allows for business files to be placed in preconfigured or custom backup sets where they are backed up over the web as scheduled by the administrator.
  • Fast, near-continuous daily backups to the EMC cloud via the exisiting network.
  • Remote and branch office employees can back up with an Internet connection without the need to connect to the corporate network.
  • Centralized management via a web-based, multi-tenant console.
  • Eliminate need for costly tape and associated hardware and maintenance costs.
  • Data is encrypted during backup transfer and at rest in the EMC cloud.

Subadministrators can be empowered to manage remote and branch offices

The MozyEnterprise primary administrator can create subadministrators to manage backups at remote and branch offices. When empowered by a primary administrator, subadministrators can use the MozyEnterprise client to:

  • Sign in using Active Directory credentials
  • Select files and folders to back up
  • Grant or deny access to Sync and the Mozy mobile app
  • Set automatic and scheduled backups
  • Configure options and bandwidth throttling
  • Enable local backup with Mozy® 2xProtect™ for Windows
  • Enable on-demand backups
  • See a history of all backups
  • Restore files and folders

Tools that provide protection

Whether from a remote or branch office or from corporate headquarters, Mozy’s web console allows the IT admin to:

  • Easily manage backup, sync, and mobile access for tens of thousands of users
  • Create subadministrators
  • View account usage, history, and stats
  • Generate and email reports automatically
  • Securely integrate with Active Directory and other identity providers via LDAP for automated management of Mozy user accounts and SAML for SSO
  • Customize configuration settings


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