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Dell PowerVault ME4084 Storage Array
Purpose-built and optimized for SAN/DAS simplicity and accelerated performance

Dell PowerVault ME4084 Storage Array

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Dell EMC PowerVault arrays, already the preferred choice for thousands of small scale and price-conscious businesses, now gain broader appeal with the new PowerVault ME4 Series. The PowerVault ME4 Series is a next gen entrylevel block storage array that’s purpose-built and optimized for price-sensitive SAN & DAS environments with the simplicity, performance and affordability you’d expect from Dell EMC.

The Dell EMC PowerVault ME4 Series brings the essential features of highend storage to small-medium businesses — simply and affordably. These flash-based systems drive application performance higher for a wide range of businesses and budgets. With its flexible connectivity options, the PowerVault ME4 arrays offer significant advantages for SAN/DAS workloads with outstanding IOPs, massive bandwidth, scale and low latency. An all-inclusive software model helps to reduce OPEX and improve operational efficiencies — making the ME4 Series hard to beat. If you’re looking for raw power and absolute simplicity in a small footprint; if you’re cost-conscious and need storage availability and reliability, then Dell EMC PowerVault ME4 Series – starting in either 2U or 5U – is for you. Designed to deliver the performance of flash with the best economics of disk, the PowerVault ME4 systems are the perfect fit for small-scale storage consolidation, application acceleration, and business continuity.

Modular, Efficient

With it’s versatile, modular and intelligent data management design, PowerVault ME4 responds to the pressures and needs of IT by simplifying storage administration and operations. The PowerVault ME4 Series is intuitive to setup and manage ensuring the availability and protection you expect for your data. Besides saving you money, the simplicity of the ME4 Series helps you reclaim time and resources, giving you the opportunity to focus on innovating and IT transformation.

Workload Solutions

IT organizations purchase storage systems as part of a workload solution to either solve a business issue or seize a business opportunity. The PowerVault ME4 Series, configured either as DAS or as SAN storage deliver high-value workload solutions for many types of businesses. And since the ME4 Series is integrated with today’s most widely used hypervisors and operating systems, they help you consolidate your infrastructure and drive operational efficiencies that can result in real competitive advantages. The PowerVault ME4 Series is the ideal solution for many workload types including video surveillance, SAN and DAS Exchange, Enterprise SAN, low latency HPC, NoSQL databases, and VDI – to name a few.

Simple, Flexible Connectivity

Each PowerVault ME4 array brings multi-protocol flexibility to your business with 10G iSCSI BaseT or SFP+, 12G SAS and 16G FC connectivity. Dataintensive application throughput is enhanced with four ports per controller while extending business continuity with robust remote replication features. ME4 Series supports backwards compatibility with auto-negotiation for iSCSI and FC connections. PowerVault ME4 arrays scale up to 336 drives using ME412, ME424 and ME484 expansion enclosures. Additionally, the web-based (HTLM5) ME Storage Manager provides an intuitive management interface, making ME4 arrays simple to configure in 15 minutes and easy to manage. Dual-controller models connect four high-availability servers or eight nonredundant servers with 5-9’s availability and balanced performance in mixed virtualized DAS environments.

Easy to Expand and Configure

Easily expand your ME4012, ME4024, and ME4084 arrays by connecting PowerVault ME412, ME424, and ME484 expansion enclosures with 12G SAS backend connectivity. The high-performance PowerVault ME4 arrays utilize 3.5” and 2.5" HDDs and 2.5” SSDs (SED drives available) that can be flexibly mixed to achieve the capacity you need. The support for these different drive types allow you to configure ME4 Series as a hybrid-flash or all-flash array for maximum performance. Additionally, PowerVault ME4’s expansion enclosures deliver the speed, flexibility and reliability to satisfy performance-intensive applications that work with active or dynamic data stores. The expansion enclosures (ME484 also available as JBOD) are ideal for applications that generate large amounts of data and require extended storage capacity. This modular architecture offers easy and economical expansion up to 4PB of raw capacity.

All-Inclusive Software + More

With all-inclusive enterprise-class software including replication, snapshots, 3- level tiering, VMware integrations, encryption (SED), distributed RAID, simple management tools and more - you can set it and forget it. PowerVault ME4 Series comes standard with ProSupport base support with option for premium ProSupport Plus. ProDeploy is also available with the ME4 Series to help you get up and running faster.

PowerVault ME4 Series sets the standard for entry level SAN and DAS storage simplicity, reliability and quality so you can stay focused on your business. Engineered from the ground-up to tackle your data storage challenges, these arrays come in three scalable and flash optimized models to flexibly fit your budget. Whether you are looking to start small or grow to hundreds of terabytes, Dell EMC PowerVault ME4 Series has you covered.

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