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Dell SC4020 All-In-One Array
High performance that fits your budget, including all-flash

Dell SC4020

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Intelligent, self-optimizing array in an affordable, all-in-one form factor. Why choose between cost and competitive advantage? Best-in-class auto-tiering is now the economical choice.

In the past, advanced storage optimization techniques, available only on a huge scale, were the secret to big enterprise, big data success. The world’s largest companies could achieve massive business results while simultaneously enjoying the lowest TCO-per-GB of storage. Cost-saving auto-tiering and data migration capabilities, expensive to acquire, remained out of reach for the resource-strapped smaller businesses that needed them most.
Today, your organization can access these powerful techniques starting with a compact, affordable, yet feature-rich and scalable solution from Dell Storage.

SC Series Advantage For Every Business

SC4020 arrays are based on Dell’s award-winning SC8000 mid-range platform. Offering similar benefits at a smaller scale, the SC4020 may be deployed with any choice or combination of flash and traditional hard disk drives. Virtualized multi-tier storage policies are applied quickly and automatically, leveraging the unique characteristics of all your drives, and allowing you to target application-specific price and performance requirements with a minimum of planning or effort.

Dual redundant controllers, 24 internal drive slots, plus multiprotocol network, replication and expansion ports are all delivered in a space-saving 2U chassis, making the flexible SC4020 a true all-in-one solution. Add-on enclosures let you scale to over 1PB raw storage capacity per array; and when you’re ready, you can link multiple SC Series arrays in federated clusters under unified management — with non-disruptive data movement between arrays through the included Live Migrate feature.

Auto-tune Your Data Center For Maximum Performance And Cost Savings

Like the larger SC8000 or SC9000, SC4020 features innovative Data Progression technology that works in the background to provision and optimize data placement across all drives. Incoming writes are steered to the highest-performing tier at the fastest RAID level, providing an exceptional performance experience for your users. As data ages, it is automatically identified and moved to less expensive storage until it becomes more active again. Data is precisely where it’s needed, when it’s needed — resulting in an ideal blend of high IOPS and cost-savings.

Spend Less Time Configuring And Managing Storage

Dell’s fully virtualized Storage Center platform enables unprecedented levels of efficiency and automation. All available capacity is combined in a single pool by default — and since individual disks and volumes can support multiple RAID levels, pre-allocation of RAID groups is not required.

The performance and capacity of the entire pool is presented to all RAID levels simultaneously, each of which dynamically expands or contracts as needed based on real-time access patterns. Thin provisioning best practices are automatically enforced, ensuring the best drive utilization, with no administrative intervention required.

Designed And Optimized For Flash

SC4020 all-flash or hybrid SSD/HDD configurations can support multiple SSD tiers, combining the best attributes of write- and read-intensive drives. SC4020 all-flash solutions actually cost less than comparable 15K disk drive solutions — making it an easy choice to move 100% of your hot data to flash.1

Enhance Any Environment

SC4020 supports SANs natively, and with the Dell Storage FS8600 NAS front-end also supports file-based systems. Advanced features such as intelligent deduplication and compression, space-efficient snapshots, synchronous/asynchronous replication, data-at-rest encryption, and FastTrack drive optimization — along with world-class Dell Copilot Support2 — make the SC4020 a perfect complement to any Dell server installation. Regardless of your current infrastructure, this open standard array helps you begin your migration to a modern storage architecture in small, affordable increments.

In today’s global marketplace, the ability to efficiently store, manage, access and extract value from data is synonymous with business success. State-of-the-art storage virtualization is no longer a luxury — it is a key business requirement. Fortunately, the SC4020 now gives even small organizations and remote departments the self-optimizing resources necessary to succeed in a big data world. It’s just one more way Dell is redefining the economics of modern storage.

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