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VCE VxRail All-Flash Appliance
A Quantum Leap In Hyper-converged Infrastructure

VCE VxRail All-Flash Appliance

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Transform your IT infrastructure with VCE VxRail all-flash hyper-converged infrastructure appliances (HCIAs) for VMware environments. VCE VxRail Appliances consist of software-defined storage, compute, management and orchestration, and data protection. Benefit from an integrated EMC and VMware solution for small and medium data centers, departmental and ROBO locations, and the enterprise edge.

VxRail all-flash appliances are configured for low latency and maximum scalability. You can quickly stand up a VMware software-defined data center (SDDC), virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), hybrid cloud, or server virtualization. Start small and grow with 2U/4 node VCE VxRail all-flash appliances. You can scale with additional nodes anytime. Grow non-disruptively to 64 nodes (16 appliances) in a cluster.

Pick the VxRail hybrid appliance that fits your use case and expand by the node. Grow non-disruptively to 64 nodes (16 appliances) in a cluster.

VxRail Hybrid Appliance Cores Memory (RAM) Storage Capacity
VxRail 120F 48 Up to 1024 GB 30.4 TB - 76 TB
VxRail 160F 64 Up to 2048 GB 30.4 TB - 76 TB
VxRail 200F 80 Up to 2048 GB 30.4 TB - 76 TB
VxRail 240F 96 Up to 2048 GB 30.4 TB - 76 TB
VxRail 280F 112 Up to 2048 GB 30.4 TB - 76 TB

IT infrastructure is no longer just supporting the business; it is the business enabler. Infrastructure must support constant business demands for new applications and services with limited budgets and resources. Yet there is limited time to constantly evaluate and integrate hardware, software and networking solutions to meet continuously evolving requirements. Create an automated, dynamic infrastructure that adapts to your business demands with the VCE VxRail™ Appliance.

Exclusive Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI) Appliance

JOINTLY DEVELOPED BY EMC AND VMWARE – VxRail is the only fully integrated, preconfigured, and tested HCI appliance powered by VMware Hyper-Converged Software and is the easiest and fastest way to stand up a fully virtualized softwaredefined data center (SDDC) environment. With the power of a whole SAN in just two rack units, it provides a simple, cost effective hyper-converged solution for a wide variety of applications and workloads. The VxRail Appliance delivers resiliency, QoS, and centralized management functionality enabling faster, better, and simpler management of consolidated workloads, virtual desktops, business-critical applications, and remote office infrastructure.

Flexibility And Choice

Built-to-order hardware with configurations to match any use case, the VxRail Appliance offers choice of next-generation Intel processors, variable RAM, storage, and cache capacity with increased horsepower per appliance, allowing customers to buy what they need now and providing a predictable, “pay-as-you-grow” approach for future scale out.

All-Flash Nodes – Maximum performance and scale for mission critical workloads and applications that demand low latency.

Hybrid Nodes – Blends performance and cost across a range of processing power, memory and storage.

flash and hybrid nodes

Performance And Scalability

Based on VMware vSphere™ and VMware Virtual SAN™ software, the VxRail Appliance delivers a known and proven building block for the SDDC that delivers up to 5x the performance of other hyper-converged appliances. The VxRail Appliance allows you to start small and grow—from 40 VMs to 3,200 VMs—scaling capacity and performance easily and non-disruptively.


RecoverPoint for VMs provides simple, efficient, and proven disaster recovery for VMware vSphere, protecting virtual machines at a granular level. Continuous data protection, built-in orchestration and automation, and recovery to any point in time ensures business continuity. Each VxRail Appliance includes licenses to replicate 15 VMs—covering most customer needs with the option to buy additional licenses if required.

Backup And Recovery

Included VMware Data Protection (VDP) protects every application or VM on the VxRail Appliance. Deployed as a virtual appliance with up to 8TB capacity, VDP features familiar vCenter web client management and is powered by EMC Avamar with built-in deduplication to reduce network bandwidth and shrink backup windows.


Integrated EMC CloudArray seamlessly extends VxRail Appliance to public and private clouds to securely expand storage capacity without limits, providing an additional 10TB of on-demand cloud storage per appliance.

Data Efficiency

VxRail Appliance is optimized for modern all-flash storage, delivering efficient deduplication, compression, and erasure coding capabilities that enable high performance all-flash systems with increased usable capacity.

Usability And Management

Built on the foundation of VMware Hyper-Converged Software and managed through the familiar vCenter Server interface, VxRail Appliance provides existing VMware customers an experience they are already familiar with. And seamless integration with existing VMware tools such as vRealize Operations lets customers leverage and extend their existing IT tools and processes while providing a platform to deploy the latest VMware solutions such as VMware NSX and Horizon Air Hybrid Mode. Additionally, the VxRail Appliance is discoverable and visible in VCE Vision™ Intelligent Operations for a comprehensive IT core-to-edge management ecosystem.

VxRail Appliance Market

This unique feature, built into the appliance management interface, enables access to complementary EMC and third-party products that extend the capabilities and allow customers to get the most out of their VxRail Appliance.

World Class Service And Support

With a single point of global 24x7 support for both the Hardware and Software, and backed by ESRS for dial-home secure remote connection for monitoring, diagnosis, and repair, you can trust that VxRail Appliance provides the ultimate appliance support on the market.