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VMAX 450
All Flash Meets Mission-Critical


Sorry, this product is no longer available, Please contact us for a replacement.



EMC VMAX 450 brings you an all-flash enterprise storage array where extreme performance meets mission-critical storage in open systems, mainframe, IBM i, and block and file environments.

All EMC Store VMAX 450 systems include the 450F software package:

  • HYPERMAX OS and storage hypervisor
  • Embedded management software (Unisphere, Solutions Enabler, SMI-S)
  • Support for virtual provisioning with VMware Virtual Volumes (VVols)
  • Local replication software: TimeFinder SnapVX
  • Application data protection management: AppSync
  • QOS: Host IO Limits
  • Thin provisioning
  • Installation services

About VMAX 450

Get performance, scale, high availability, and advanced data services for your mission-critical applications with an EMC VMAX 450 all-flash storage array. We’ve engineered the VMAX 450 to optimize flash drive technology and take on a wide range of requirements in your modern data center. Think enterprise primary storage, hyper-consolidation, and transactional workloads.

EMC VMAX 450 all-flash arrays let you scale your capacity and IOPS linearly with V-Bricks and Flash Capacity Packs. The building blocks of VMAX All Flash, V-Bricks include a VMAX engine and 53 TB usable capacity; Flash Capacity Packs add usable capacity 13 TB at a time. Maximize flash density and minimize footprint.

For attractive total cost of ownership and simple ordering, the VMAX 450FX package comes with a rich set of additional software:

  • Everything in the VMAX 450F package
  • Data encryption: D@RE*
  • eNAS for file support
  • Remote replication and data mobility: SRDF/S, SRDF/A, SRDF Metro*
  • Storage management: Unisphere 360
  • eNAS for file support
  • Storage automation with ViPR Suite, which includes ViPR Controller and ViPR SRM
  • PowerPath for up to 75 hosts
  • Tiering to cloud storage with EMC CloudArray*

All flash arrays are accelerating the pace of business transformation as IT professionals search for the most relevant technologies to modernize their operation and drive down operational and capital expenditures. As flash prices rapidly decline, capacity points exceed spinning disk, and data reduction techniques advance more organizations are evaluating, testing, and deploying all-flash solutions to tackle the most demanding mixed workloads that span across the modern data center.

The new EMC VMAX All Flash arrays are architected to solve the CIO challenge of embracing a modernized flash-centric data center and hybrid cloud while simultaneously simplifying, automating and consolidating IT operations. VMAX All Flash isn’t just bigger, better and faster – which it is – it was engineered for the latest, high density flash technology, but also to specifically exploit the rich set of data services of VMAX All Flash. These data services address the new requirements of the modern data center while continuing to deliver the reliability and availability EMC customers have relied on for years


  • Easily configure, deploy and manage VMAX All Flash through appliance packaging that pre-configures all hardware and software elements
  • 1-click simplified provisioning for open systems, mainframe, IBM i, block and file environments
  • Easily monitor and track up to 200 VMAX All Flash arrays in your data center from a single screen with Unisphere 360


  • Leverage advanced multi-core / multi-threading algorithms and a flash-optimized design to meet strict SLAs for high-demand online transaction processing (OLTP), virtualized applications, and high growth Oracle and SQL databases
  • Scale out performance and scale up capacity to achieve cloud scale with predictable performance of <.5ms response times


  • Always-on availability architecture with advanced fault isolation, robust data integrity checking, and proven non-disruptive hardware and software upgrades
  • Six-nines availability for 24x7xForever operations using SRDF® software, the gold standard for multi-site remote replication


  • Leverage advanced 3D NAND flash to consolidate high-demand transaction processing workloads
  • Achieve consistent <.5ms response times at massive scale for extremegrowth hybrid cloud environments
  • Process millions of IOPS at sub-1ms latency using up to 384 CPU cores and multi-threading technology
  • Accelerate time to deployment with streamlined appliance packaging
  • Protect vital open systems and mainframe information at six-nines availability via SRDF, the gold standard in remote replication
  • Create hundreds of snapshots for each workload to optimize decision support, application testing and business analytics with SnapVX
  • Deliver rapid backup and restore with EMC ProtectPoint; backup directly from VMAX All Flash to Data Domain, eliminate app server overhead
  • Automate data path management to meet aggressive service levels and ensure application availability with EMC PowerPath
  • Use EMC Unisphere to easily provision, manage, and monitor VMAX All Flash block and file storage
  • Leverage Unisphere 360 to track and monitor up to 200 VMAX All Flash arrays from a single screen
  • Embed file services and reduce deployment costs by up to 33%