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VSS1600 Surveillance Storage
for distributed sites

VSS1600 Surveillance Storage

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Bring affordable, simple, and reliable storage to your surveillance network with an EMC VSS1600 storage array. It’s purpose-built to record and manage terabytes of video from distributed locations.

Use the EMC VSS1600 to support hundreds of cameras at multiple bit rates. Dense, 2U packaging saves space. And you’ll speed deployment because VSS1600 is tested and validated to work with industry-leading video management software (VMS) providers.

VSS1600 surveillance storage complements EMC Isilon Video Surveillance Solutions, which offer massive scale-out storage for centralized locations. When you pair VSS1600 with Isilon, you can support more network cameras, retain content for longer periods, and easily transfer video to Isilon for deeper analytics.

Distributed Surveillance Storage

EMC Video Surveillance Storage (EMC VSS1600) system is a simple, affordable, and reliable block storage array, purpose-built for price-sensitive distributed surveillance environments including Government, Transportation, and City-wide Surveillance markets. Built on proven VNXe technology, the EMC VSS1600 is tuned specifically for distributed surveillance workloads with an emphasis on simplicity of deployment and management. All of the capabilities and functionality of the EMC VSS1600 are compacted into an easy-to-use and deploy system designed to meet the needs of entry level distributed surveillance workload requirements.

Storing data in distributed sites (away from the central data center operations) is generally only thought of as a temporary repository. While data can be analyzed and compressed at the edge, it is not generally thought of as the most efficient spot to do it and distributed data is often less valuable if not aggregated with the rest of an organization's video assets. Video data is massive though and while 400TB sounds like plenty of capacity at the edge, it can quickly fill up. For managing data on longer-term storage and analysis, EMC VSS1600 can easily and efficiently transfer video data to scale-out NAS Isilon systems located in centralized data centers for longer term repository and where further analytic operations can be performed.

The Next Generation EMC VSS1600 is designed to be customer installable and handle the scale and bandwidth needs of small to medium size distributed surveillance sites connected to hundreds of cameras. The EMC VSS1600 scales to 200 drives (or 400TB) and includes host connectivity options such as Fiber Channel and iSCSI (IPv4/6) with iSCSI Off Load for maximum performance flexibility.

The EMC VSS1600 includes a rich set of advanced software functionality and data services including thin provisioning to reduce capacity requirements, asynchronous block replication for DR, snapshots for local data protection, and multicore optimization for increased processor efficiency.

Leveraging EMC VSS1600 Simplicity/Efficiency

The EMC VSS1600 block-based architecture is extremely easy to install, use, and manage, delivers 99.9999% (5-9’s) availability, and provides industry-leading virtualization integrations with VMware and Microsoft to meet the growing need to virtualize Video Management applications.


The EMC VSS1600 was designed with ease of deployment and use in mind.

  • You can setup it up in 15 minutes with the Configuration Wizard.
  • EMC Unisphere is included for simplifying application-aware management and EMC Unisphere Central can be used for more advanced management of multisite deployments of hundreds of EMC VSS1600 systems.


The EMC VSS1600 has built-in and easy-to-use software features that improve efficiency.

  • Reduce your capacity requirements with thinly provisioned LUNs without experiencing performance degradation.
  • Protect your valuable data with built-in snapshots and replication functionality.
  • Access and utilize the built-in proactive service ecosystem for online support, alerts, documentation, remedial service, parts ordering, and more.
  • VNX-VSS starts in a 2U rack taking up less floor space and scales to 400TB making it easy to affordably fit in any existing distributed surveillance site.

Virtualization Advantage

The EMC VSS1600 is easily configured in virtualized applications environments with deep and industry-leading VMware and Microsoft points of integration to both vSphere and Hyper-V. These OOB integrations include:

  • VMware: VASA, VAAI, vCenter, ESXi hosts, and more
  • Microsoft: ODX, Hyper-V, SMI-S, and more

And for customers who want to view their surveillance storage through VM administrative tools such as VMware vCenter or Microsoft System Manager, EMC provides no-cost downloadable plug-ins for those consoles that let you do most of the basic element management and provisioning of an EMC VSS1600 right from those familiar interfaces. This gives VM administrators the ability to manage storage from tools they already know without having to jump between different tools.

EMC Virtual Storage Integrator (VSI) For VMware Environments:

VSI dramatically simplifies management of virtualized storage with the ability to map virtual machines to storage and to self-provision storage from VMware vCenter.

EMC Storage Integrator For Windows Suite (ESI) For Microsoft Environments:

ESI integrates with Microsoft Management Center to provision applications in less time, monitor storage health with in-depth storage topology views, and automate storage management with rich scripting libraries. ESI also includes System Center integrations such as SCOM, SCO, and SCVMM.

Tested And Validated

The EMC VSS1600 is a proven solution for distributed surveillance sites and includes validations with several video management software providers including Genetec, Milestone, and Verint. This means that EMC VSS1600 easily integrates into existing surveillance environments without any compatibility concerns. EMC uses a dedicated surveillance team in labs located in the U.S. and India ensuring compatibility along with providing a deep database of best practices and reference designs to support System Integrators and customers. Organizations needing to deploy enterprise surveillance solutions are constantly under pressure to keep infrastructure costs down and still be expected to improve physical security. EMC’s test to fail and validation approach helps customers lower their integration and support costs while providing further confidence that EMC VSS1600 systems work.