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Enterprise Hybrid Cloud
Agile. Simple. Secure.

Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution

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Automate delivery of secure, always-on infrastructure and enable IT as a service with Enterprise Hybrid Cloud. This offering combines best-in-class technologies, professional services from EMC Global Services, and single-call support. We take care of the integration and testing so you can be up and running fast.

Drive business agility and reduce cost. You’ll be able to provide self-service, role-based access to traditional IT services and enterprise applications, from private or public clouds, at the service levels your users choose.

The Answer To Big Challenges

Many organizations are looking for ways to drive more business value, redefine their business models, and build an enhanced customer experience in an increasingly digital world. IT must fundamentally change how they deliver value to the business with demands dictating the delivery of traditional enterprise applications with greater speed and agility, while reducing costs and minimizing risks. Over 70% of our customer’s CIOs have said that IT will need to build and operate a well-run hybrid cloud in order to balance these needs for innovating and growing the business. The challenge for Enterprise IT is that it can be difficult to bring together the security, compliance and reliability of private cloud with the simplicity, flexibility and easy access public clouds offer, while maintaining control and visibility - until now.

Rapidly Deliver Private And Public Cloud Resources

A unified hybrid cloud helps organizations innovate rapidly while still delivering enterprise-grade performance, resiliency and security. Enterprise Hybrid Cloud delivers on this by combining the control, reliability and confidence of private cloud with the simplicity, flexibility and cost efficiency of public clouds to transform delivery of IT services. A one-of-kind converged platform, it delivers automated infrastructure services for traditional enterprise applications across private and public clouds with greater speed, scalability and agility while reducing costs and minimizing risks. Workflows and application blueprints transform what was once manual into automated infrastructure provisioning, on-demand, with management insights and cost transparency. Built-in security and data protection allow you to run your hybrid cloud with confidence.

Enterprise Hybrid Cloud is designed, integrated and tested with best in class technologies, automated workflows and blueprints to deliver the foundation for infrastructure-as-a-service. Deliver IT-as-a-Service to meet your specific business needs with add-on options for data protection, VM encryption, applications, Hadoop, application lifecycle automation for continuous delivery, ecosystem extensions and more. IT can start delivering value to the business 2x faster with Enterprise Hybrid Cloud when compared to building your own IT-as-a-Service platform.

The platform continues to evolve. New capabilities are added as part of the platform release cycle with EMC testing the entire platform end-to-end, including upgrades from previous versions. Hybrid cloud is made simple by EMC, delivering professional services for every step of the cloud journey, along with one call support from EMC. The foundational work has been done by EMC so you can focus on aligning with your business partners and building optimized IT services on top of this foundation.

What Can Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Do For Users?

Enterprise Hybrid Cloud empowers users with self-service access to traditional enterprise applications and IT services via a self-service catalog. Users simply select resources they need with their service levels of choice – data protection, continuous availability, VM encryption; all on-demand. A dashboard communicates the value of IT services they consume, helping users align application workloads to the right cloud, with the right cost, security, reliability and performance – including extending workloads and applications to a choice of public clouds. What used to take months to provision, now takes minutes.

Adapting to workload changes is easy too; simply modify attributes, backup and disaster recovery options from the self-service catalog and services are updated accordingly. Users have agility and flexibility they need.

What Can Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Do For Me?

Enterprise Hybrid Cloud transforms your IT organization into a trusted advisor, delivering business users the IT services they need with greater speed and agility. It transforms what was once manual into automated IT services accessible via a selfservice catalog. IT still maintains control and visibility by setting the policies through which the self-service catalog operates, while automated monitoring delivers insights into the health and performance of the system. A dashboard communicates the value of IT services and allows you to charge the business only for what they use.

Self-service And Automation

Enterprise Hybrid Cloud offers a self-service portal, accelerating delivery of traditional of services to get what they need, on-demand. They can match application workloads to the right cloud, on premises or off premises, selecting the infrastructure of choice that aligns with their cost, security, reliability and performance objectives.

Self-Service catalog

Always-on, Infrastructure-as-a-Service

Deliver always-on Infrastructure-as-a-Service for traditional enterprise applications with active-active provisioning across sites and data protection options to meet service level demands. Allow users to choose from a continuum of data protection options – high availability, disaster recovery and backup. With a well-run hybrid cloud, you can be confident that your users’ infrastructure will always be available when they need it.

Secure Application Data With VM Encryption

Securing application data and VM workloads anywhere in the hybrid cloud is easy via the self-service catalog. IT consumers can secure each VM workload with a unique encryption key, helping guard against data theft. Cloud Administrators have the option to mandate encryption based on the location where the workload will be deployed. If workloads move to another server or site, the encryption policy travels with it - keeping your data secure.

Secure Application Stacks And Isolate Environments

Whether running a complex application or securing the development lifecycle phases, Enterprise Hybrid Cloud can ensure adequate separation of application stacks and isolation of development, test and production environments. Network microsegmentation protects and separates the components to restrict the access and communication to the business defined rulesets. Policies are dynamic and follow the workload providing true mobility between all computing locations.

Complex Application Blueprinting

Rapidly build and deliver consistent, complex application blueprints to account for the great variety of web server, application server, and database combinations developers need for building custom applications. As a result, developers can access the applications they need in a few of clicks.

Continuous Delivery For Application Integration And Deployment

Deliver complete application lifecycle automation through continuous integration and deployment of applications. Developers can push new applications and enhancements as soon as code is ready, allowing users to access updates easily through the selfservice catalog.

Intelligent Monitoring

Gain complete visibility into the hybrid cloud environment to ensure service levels are maintained and that your cloud is running smoothly. Automated, intelligent analyticsbased monitoring is integrated and connected to all levels of your cloud infrastructure making it easy to resolve performance and capacity issues quickly.

Metering And Show-back Communicate The Value Of It Services

Enterprise Hybrid Cloud has built-in dashboards, pre-loaded with industry standards and vendor specific data, generating base prices for cloud infrastructure services for communicating the value of IT services. Financial transparency allows IT consumers to align workloads to the right cloud for meeting service level and cost objectives.

Financial Transparency

Access Public Cloud Service Providers

Enterprise Hybrid Cloud is software-defined, making it easy for IT to scale resources up or down and broker services between private and public clouds. Extend workloads and applications to a choice of public clouds through integration with VMware vCloud® AirTM, vCloud Air Service Providers, EMC Cloud Service Providers and Amazon Web Services.

Professional Services Accelerate Your Cloud Journey

EMC along with VMware offer a holistic portfolio of services designed to help prepare for your hybrid cloud journey and quickly deploy Enterprise Hybrid Cloud. Services can extend the platform to meet unique business requirements for ongoing operational success. If you prefer a fully managed service, Enterprise Hybrid Cloud is available as a managed service via Virtustream.