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Isilon HD400
Unstructured data storage made simple

Isilon HD400

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It’s Not Just Data, It’s Your Business

EMC® Isilon® scale-out storage solutions are designed for enterprises that want to manage their data, not their storage. Our storage systems are powerful yet simple to install, manage, and scale to virtually any size. And, unlike traditional enterprise storage, Isilon solutions stay simple no matter how much storage capacity is added, how much performance is required, or how business needs change in the future. We’re challenging enterprises to think differently about their storage, because when they do, they’ll recognize there’s a better, simpler way—with Isilon.

Expand It...Simply

With EMC Isilon scale-out network-attached storage (NAS), you can have massive room for growth—with up to 50 petabytes (PB) of capacity per cluster. Go ahead. Take on more projects, perform more in-depth research, and serve up more data. You can scale both capacity and performance in about a minute to meet your specific business needs—all without any additional IT burden.

Accelerate It...Simply

EMC Isilon storage provides you with the tools to dramatically increase workflow productivity and maximize the value of your enterprise applications and Big Data assets—allowing you to accelerate your business through faster time to money and new revenue opportunities.

Protect It...Simply

You don’t entrust your most valuable assets to just anyone. EMC Isilon storage solutions provide the highest levels of reliability, availability, and serviceability in the industry. For fast and efficient data backup and recovery, you can schedule snapshots as frequently as needed to meet your specific recovery-point objectives. For reliable disaster recovery protection, our storage solutions provide extremely fast data replication, along with push-button failover and failback simplicity, to further increase the availability of your data for mission-critical applications.

Secure It...Simply

Meeting compliance and governance requirements is essential for most organizations today. To address these needs, Isilon provides robust security options, including file system auditing and Data at Rest Encryption (DARE) with self-encrypting drives (SEDs). We offer write once, read many (WORM) data protection to prevent accidental or malicious alteration or deletion and help you meet regulatory requirements— including the stringent SEC 17a-4 rule. With Isilon, you can also leverage role-based access control (RBAC) options and, if needed, create isolated storage pools for specific departments within your organization. Isilon also offers Security and Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) hardening, CAC/PIV Smartcard authentication, and FIPS OpenSSL support for Federal government agencies and financial services businesses.

When you need to store and access large amounts of unstructured data efficiently, keep it manageable and protected with EMC Isilon HD400 High Density Storage.

With massive scalability, robust data protection options, and a high-density footprint, EMC Isilon HD400 is scale-out NAS ready for Big Data requirements including deep archiving and as a disaster recovery target. Isilon HD400 is also a great choice as a data lake foundation.

Scale out from 1 PB in a 3-node cluster to 50 PB in a 144-node cluster - all under a single file system that stays simple to manage at any capacity. Store up to 3.2 PB in a single rack. The high density helps you lower operating costs for power, cooling, and data center floor space by as much as 50%.

You can purchase EMC Isilon HD400 storage by the node. Or choose a convenient pre-racked configuration for fast, simple deployment:

  • Isilon HD400 - 2 PB High Density Bundle: 6 nodes for a total of 2.1 PB capacity (rack not provided)
  • Isilon HD400 - 3 PB Pre-Racked Bundle: 9 nodes for a total of 3.2 PB capacity and 2 x 36-port switches in a Titan D (40U) rack


  • Simple storage management designed for ease of use
  • Massive scalability of capacity and performance
  • Unmatched efficiency to reduce costs
  • Automated tiered storage to optimize resources
  • Multiprotocol support to maximize operational flexibility
  • Resilient data protection for a highly available environment
  • Robust security and compliance options