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Dell PowerVault NX300 Network Attached Storage
File sharing and collaboration made simple

Dell PowerVault NX300 Network Attached Storage

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The PowerVault NX300 is a 1U entry-level storage solution (NAS) with integrated storage specific features and advanced storage technologies and data management software, designed to help small and medium sized businesses stay efficient and productive.

  • Supports up to 12TB in a compact 1U chassis.
  • Select from several SATA/NLSAS drive offerings to satisfy your capacity needs
  • Arrives integrated with everything you need to start file sharing, including an automated initial setup and configuration wizard to save you valuable time.

Simple, Dedicated Data Sharing

Using the Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2008 operating system, the PowerVault NX300 is an entry-level NAS that is purpose-built for improved file access performance and easily consolidates growing files across smaller organizations.

Reduce duplicate files Reduce duplicate files and data clutter with Single-Instant Storage (SIS), which identifies duplicate files, saves one copy and replaces the other version with pointers to the stored versions.
Share files Share files across Windows and non-Windows client systems with CIFS (SMB 2.0) and NFS.
quick access and protect stored files Get quick access and protect stored files across WAN/LAN environments with Distributed File Systems (DFS and DFS-R).
Access your file system wherever you are Access your file system wherever you are with iDRAC and Java Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) remote management features.

Set Up and Manage with Ease

The PowerVault NX300 integrates everything you need, right out of the box, to begin sharing information safely and efficiently, without wasting time, money and resources building a file server from scratch.

The NX300 NAS system integrates seamlessly into your Windows® environment, taking advantage of the same management and protection tools you’ve already deployed. Integration with non-Windows clients is also effortless and transparent.

Headless operation and remote management are offered through the integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) and Java Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). In addition, the Remote Desktop for Administration feature in Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 provides remote administration of re-occurring management tasks, saving valuable time and resources.

Automates Supports Manage
Automates setup and configuration with the “initial configuration task” tool. Supports unlimited users through included client-added licenses (CALs). Manage your information remotely through a web-based browser using Remote Desktop and the Microsoft Management Console.

Storage Technology that Works for You

The NX300 offers of the right mix of high storage capacity and data management software to help keep your storage deployment efficient. The factory-installed Windows® Storage Server 2008 R2 x64 operating system condenses the top file-serving features from Windows® Server 2008 R2 and adds advanced storage management features designed for faster, more efficient and more reliable file sharing.

  • Choose your capacity point by selecting from a variety of SATA/NLSAS hard drives up to 12TB of capacity
  • Reduce duplicate files (transparent file-level deduplication) with single-instance storage (SIS)
  • Access information faster through Distributed File System (DFS) namespaces
  • Share files across Windows and non-Windows clients with CIFS (SMB 2.0) and NFS.

Block and file storage, Single Instant Storage and internal as well as external capacity expansion. The smart integration of these SMB critical features help ensure that your storage investment is protected for years to come.

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