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Dell EMC PowerEdge C6420
Purpose-built for high performance hyperscale workloads

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Dell EMC PowerEdge C6420 Two-Socket Server Node
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Ideal workloads:

  • High-performance computing (HPC)
  • Analytics and big data
  • Web 2.0
  • Software-defined storage
  • Private cloud
  • Hyper-converged infrastructure

PowerEdge C6420 is ideal for high performance hyperscale workloads. With 4 nodes in a 2U form factor, it maximizes density, scalability, and energy efficiency per U.

Ideal server for high performance, hyperscale workloads

The C6420 server supports dynamic business needs in scale-out environments where performance and density go hand in hand. The PowerEdge C6420 supports up to 4 dual socket compute nodes in a 2U form factor and with Direct Liquid Cooling options, supports high wattage processors for even higher performance. NonVolatile Memory express (NVMe) drives and fabrics such as InfiniBand and Omnipath can be added for even higher scalability. This makes C6420 an ideal solution for hyperscale compute workloads requiring high scalability and high performance such as High Performance Computing (HPC), high performance data analytics, financial modeling and high frequency trading, SaaS/IaaS and web scale applications, visual effects rendering nodes, Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI), Software Defined Storage, etc.

Intuitive system management with intelligent automation

With intelligent automation features, C6420 simplifies systems management and helps you free up precious IT skilled resources for business-critical activities. Designed for web-scale infrastructure, the C6420 does not forget management.

  • Basic management is available with a base BMC option including a virtual console & virtual media.
  • Optionally, leverage the integrated iDRAC9 with Lifecycle Controller and Redfish API for advanced management and scripting support.

Robust security spanning across the server ecosystem and life cycle

Every PowerEdge server is designed as part of a cyber-resilient architecture, integrating security into the full server life cycle. The C6420 leverages new security features built-into every new PowerEdge server strengthening protection so you can reliably and securely deliver accurate data to your customers no matter where they are. By considering each aspect of system security, from designto retirement, Dell EMC ensures trust and delivers a worry-free, secure infrastructure without compromise.

  • Rely on built-in hardware root of trust and a secure component supply chain to ensure protection from factory to the data center.
  • Maintain data safety with cryptographically signed firmware packages and Secure Boot.
  • Prevent unauthorized or malicious change with Server Lockdown.
  • Wipe all data from storage media including hard drives, SSDs and system memory quickly and securely with System Erase.


Enable demanding workloads with powerful, highly dense and scalable computing

Get an IT services platform that helps scale efficiently and predictably while drastically reducing complexity. The PowerEdge C6420 offers up to 4 independent hot-swappable 2-socket servers in a very dense 2U package. Plenty of compute, memory, storage, connectivity and chassis options let you configure servers for specific workloads.

Ideal for:

  • High-performance computing (HPC)
  • Analytics and big data
  • Web 2.0
  • Software-defined storage
  • Private cloud
  • Hyper-converged infrastructure

Simplify your transformation with the Dell PowerEdge portfolio

The PowerEdge C6420, with its flexible configurations, scale-out capabilities and overall efficiency – along with its embedded management software – is an ideal platform for Dell high-performance offerings and hyper-converged solutions and appliances.

  • Features latest generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors and up to 56 cores per node
  • Supports up to 3TB memory per node
  • Offers flexible I/O options including low-latency InfiniBand and next-generation Intel Omni-Path
  • Provides Direct Liquid Cooling options

Automate productivity with intelligent, embedded management

Dell automation and intelligent management mean you spend less time on routine maintenance so you can focus on bigger priorities.

  • Help maximize uptime and reduce the IT effort to resolve issues by up to 72% with ProSupport Plus and SupportAssist.
  • Leverage existing management consoles with easy integrations for VMware vSphere, Microsoft System Center and Nagios.
  • Help improve productivity with agent-free Dell iDRAC9 for automated, efficient management.
  • Simplify deployment with OpenManage next-generation console and server profiles to fully configure and prep servers in rapid, scalable fashion.

Fortify your data center with comprehensive protection

Dell provides a comprehensive, cyber-resilient architecture with security embedded into every server to protect your data.

  • Protect server configuration and firmware from malicious changes with new Configuration Lock-down.
  • Take control of your firmware consoles with embedded authentication that is designed to allow only properly designed updates to run.
  • Use system erase of local storage to help insure data privacy when you repurpose or retire servers.
  • Automate updates that check file dependencies and proper update sequence, before deploying them independently from the OS/hypervisor.

Systems Management and Security Solutions

OpenManage systems management

The Dell Technologies OpenManage systems management portfolio helps tame the complexity of your IT environment with tools and solutions to discover, monitor, manage, update, and deploy your PowerEdge infrastructure.

Intelligent Automation

PowerEdge and OpenManage solutions integrate tools across the portfolio to help organizations automate the server lifecycle, optimize operations, and scale efficiently.

Built-in security

PowerEdge servers are made with a cyber resilient architecture that builds in security at every phase of the product lifecycle, from the silicon root of trust and secured component verification, to signed firmware and drift detection, to BIOS recovery.

Technical Specifications:

Dell EMC PowerEdge C6420 Specifications
Processors Up to two 2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors, up to 205W and 28 cores per processor
Memory 8 DIMM slots per socket with max of 1024GB with options for 16GB/32GB/64GB RDIMMS @ 2933MT/s, 8GB RDIMMs @2666MT/s, and 128 LRDIMMs @2666MT/s
Storage controllers
  • One 120/240GB M.2 SATA RI SSD boot drive or Two 120/240GB M.2 SATA RI SSD boot drives in RAID 1,
  • One 16/32/64GB MicroSD card
  • Controllers: S140 Software RAID with Intel C620 Chipset SATA controller (RAID 0, 1, 5, 10)
  • Hardware RAID using PERC H330 Mezzanine (RAID 0, 1, 5, 10, 50), PERC H730p Mezzanine (RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60)
  • Non RAID: HBA330 Mezzanine, 12Gbps SAS LP PCIe HBA
Drive options
  • Hard Drives:
    • 300/600/900GB 2.5” 15K 12Gb SAS Drives
    • 300/600GB/1.2TB/1.8TB/2.4TB 2.5” 10K 12Gb SAS Drives
    • 1TB/2TB 2.5” 7.2K 12Gb SAS Drives
    • 1/2/4/8/10/12TB 3.5” 7.2K 12Gb SAS/ 6Gbps SATA Drives
  • Solid State Drives
    • 120GB 2.5” 6Gbps SATA Boot SSD
    • 240/480GB/800GB/960GB/1.6TB/1.92TB/3.84TB 6Gbps SATA Read Intensive SSDs
    • 200/240/400/480/800/960GB/1600/1962GB 6Gbps SATA Mixed Use SSDs
    • 480/960/1920/3840/7680 GB 12Gb SAS Read Intensive SSDs
    • 400/480/960/1600/1920/3840GB 12Gbps SAS Mixed Use SSDs
    • 400/800/1600/3200GB12Gb SAS Write Intensive SSDs
  • FIPS-140 Self Encrypting Drives:
    • 900GB/1.2TB/2.4TB 2.5” 10K 12Gb SAS FIPS-140 SED HDD
    • 2TB 2.5” 7.2K 12Gb SAS FIPS-140 SED HDD
    • 4TB/8TB 12Gbps SAS FIPS-140 SED HDD
    • 1.92TB Mixed Use SATA SED SSD
  • 2.5” NVMe Drives and Add-in PCIe cards:
    • 800GB/1TB/1.6TB/2TB/3.2TB/4TB/6.4TB Mixed Use
    • 1/2/4/TB Read Intensive
Power and cooling options
  • Dual Hot-plug fault-tolerant, fully redundant or non-redundant 1600W AC Power Supply
  • Dual Hot-plug fault-tolerant or fully redundant 2000W and 2400W AC Power Supply
  • Four dual rotor redundant, non-hot swappable fans
  • Air and Direct Contact Liquid Cooling (DCLC) options
  • 86.8mm x 448mm x 790mm
  • Weight: 3.5” Direct Backplane
  • Chassis: 43.62 Kg
  • 2.5” Direct/Expander/NVMe
  • Backplane Chassis: 41.46 Kg
  • No Backplane Chassis: 34.56 Kg
Form Factor 2U rack server
Chassis options
  • 24 x 2.5” Direct Backplane with up to 6 SAS/SATA drives per C6420 sled
  • 24 x 2.5” Expander Backplane with up to 12 SAS/SATA drives per C6420 sled and 2 C6420 sleds per C6400 chassis
  • 24 x 2.5” NVMe Backplane with up to 2 SAS/SATA/NVMe drives and 4 SAS/SATA drives per C6420 sled
  • 12 x 3.5” Direct Backplane with up to 3 SAS/SATA drives per C6420 sled
  • No Backplane option with no external drives per C6420 sled
Embedded / At-Server
  • iDRAC9 with Lifecycle Controller
  • iDRAC Direct
  • iDRAC REST API with Redfish
Consoles & Mobile
  • OpenManage Enterprise
  • OpenManage Essentials
  • Dell EMC Repository Manager
  • Dell EMC System Update
  • Dell EMC Server Update Utility
  • Dell EMC Update Catalogs
Integrations OpenManage integrations: Microsoft System Center, VMware vCenter, BMC Software (available from BMC)
Connections Nagios Core and Nagios XI, Oracle Enterprise Manager, HPE Operations Manager i (OMi)
  • iDRAC Service Module
  • OpenManage Server Administrator
  • OpenManage Storage Services
  • Dell EMC Repository Manager
  • Dell EMC System Update
  • Dell EMC Server Update Utility
  • Dell EMC Update Catalogs
  • TPM 1.2/2.0 optional
  • Cryptographically signed firmware
  • Secure Boot
  • Hardware Root of Trust
  • System Lockdown
  • Secure Erase
I/O & Ports
  • Rear ports: 2 x USB 3.0 ports, 1 Micro USB port for iDRAC Direct
  • One x16 PCIe Gen3 riser (low profile, half height and half length)
  • One x8 PCIe Gen3 Mezzanine (for storage controller)
  • One x16 PCIe Gen3 OCP Mezzanine (for network controller)
  • One x16 PCIe Gen3 riser (for M.2 Boot Device)
Network cards One 1Gb Ethernet LOM port for systems management or shared with host
  • 1Gb Ethernet
    • Intel i350 1Gb Dual Port Ethernet LP PCIe Adapter
    • Broadcom 5720 1Gb Dual Port Ethernet LP PCIe Adapter
  • 10Gb Ethernet
    • Intel X710 Dual Port 10Gb SFP+ OCP Mezzanine Adapter
    • Intel X710 Dual Port 10Gb SFP+ LP PCIe Adapter
    • Intel X520 Dual Port 10Gb SFP+ LP PCIe Adapter
    • Intel X710 Dual Port 10Gb BASE-T LP PCIe Adapter
    • Intel X550 Dual Port 10Gb BASE-T LP PCIe Adapter
    • Intel X710 Quad Port 10Gb BASE-T LP PCIe Adapter
    • Broadcom 57412 10Gb SFP+ LP PCIe Adapter
    • Broadcom 57416 10Gb BASE-T LP LP PCIe Adapter
    • QLogic 41162 Dual Port 10Gb BASE-T LP PCIe Adapter
    • QLogic 41112 Dual Port 10Gb SFP+ LP PCIe Adapter
    • SolarFlare 8522 Dual Port 10Gb SFP+ LP PCIe Adapter
    • Mellanox ConnectX-3 Pro 10Gb Dual Port LP PCIe Adapterb
  • 25Gb Ethernet
    • Broadcom 57414 Dual Port 25Gbps SFP28 PCIe LP AdapterQLogic 41262 Dual Port 25Gbps SFP28 LP PCIe Adapter
    • Intel 25GBE 2P XXV710 Adapter
    • Mellanox ConnectX-4 Lx Dual Port 25Gbps SFP28 LP PCIe Adapter
  • 40Gb Ethernet
    • Mellanox ConnectX-3 Pro Dual Port 40Gbps QSFP+ LP PCIe Adapter
    • Intel XL710 Dual Port 40Gbps QSFP+ LP PCIe Adapter
  • 100Gb Ethernet / Infiniband
    • Mellanox ConnectX-4 Dual Port 100Gb QSFP+ LP PCIe Adapter
    • Mellanox ConnectX-3 VPI QSFP+ Single Port FDR LP PCIe Adapter
    • Mellanox ConnectX-4 Single Port VPI QSFP28 EDR LP PCIe Adapter
    • Mellanox ConnectX-4 Dual Port VPI QSFP28 EDR LP PCIe Adapter
    • Dual port QSFP carrier card for processors with integrated Intel Omni-Path Fabric
    • ConnectX-5 Single Port VPI EDR QSFP28 Adapter
Supported operating systems
  • Canonical Ubuntu LTS
  • Citrix XenServer
  • Microsoft Windows Server with Hyper-V
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
  • VMware ESX

Support & Services:

Dell Technologies offers complete end-to-end services

Optimizing the IT lifecycle is vital. We have expert services for all lifecycle phases that save you time and resources, reduce effort, and improve your IT experience.

Proactive Management and Monitoring (no charge)


Consulting services give expert guidance to help you grow, optimize and transform your IT environment at your own pace and budget. Dell employ a broad range of certified consultants and engineers, backed by program management teams, who can deliver deep technical expertise. Dell gives you the confidence that your project will be done right and on time.

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Gain the freedom to focus on your business transformation with the support expertise and insights Dell is known for across the globe. Choose the right support based on the criticality of specific systems with available automated predictive analysis, collaborative third-party assistance and a Technology Service Manager.

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ProDeploy Enterprise Suite helps you get more out of technology starting on day one. Residency Service provides ongoing transition assistance to accelerate adoption. Trust our experts to lead deployments from basic hardware installations through planning, configuration and complex integrations to help you achieve business outcomes today and tomorrow.

Training & Certification

Training & Certification

Education Services offers an expansive suite of training services with multiple delivery methods, including instructor-led, self-paced online and virtual instructor-led training. With comprehensive and flexible training programs, we make it easy to ensure your staff has the skills they need to successfully manage and utilize your new technology to its full potential.


Dell EMC PowerEdge C6420 Datasheet (.PDF)

Pricing Notes:

  • Pricing and product availability subject to change without notice.
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Dell EMC PowerEdge C6420 Two-Socket Server Node
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