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Dell EMC PowerEdge XE2420
Ideal edge servers for harsh computing environments

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The PowerEdge XE2420 provides a short-depth, dense, Dual-socket, 2U server to address:

  • Demanding applications at the edge
  • Retail applications and analytics
  • Manufacturing and logistics applications
  • Telco / 5G (MEC, CDN, VRAN)

The Dell EMC PowerEdge XE2420 is a specialty edge server that is specifically engineered to deliver powerful performance for harsh environments. It is a dual-socket, 2U, short-depth, front accessible server that is designed to support demanding edge applications such as streaming analytics, manufacturing logistics, 5G cell processing applications, etc.

Rapidly respond to demanding data growth at the edge

The new Dell EMC PowerEdge XE2420 is a highly configurable, dual-socket 2U rack server that delivers powerful 2S performance in a short-depth form-factor. With a scalable rack option, it is ideal for low-latency, large storage edge applications. Its performance can be further boosted by its support of up to 4 accelerators. A wide and flexible range of storage options (SSD, NVMe) and large capacity up to 92TB* gives it the flexibility to tackle a diverse set of demanding workloads at the edge.

Secure and simplified management at the edge

The PowerEdge XE2420 has features to effortlessly manage key server functions with its support of iDRAC9. Additionally, every PowerEdge server is designed with a cyber resilient architecture to protect the server robustly and integrating security deeply into every phase in the server lifecycle, from design to retirement. With the iDRAC9 Datacenter option, the PowerEdge XE2420 provides streaming telemetry capability with enhanced integrated security for emerging edge applications. Since easy serviceability is critical in harsh environments, the PowerEdge XE2420 has a cold aisle, front-accessible I/O & Power to enable quick and serviceability. With Five OS certifications and vSAN AF-4 ready, it makes it simple for PowerEdge XE2420 to seamlessly work in and with any IT environment.

Ensure reliability in harsh edge environments

Edge and non-data center environments can be harsh and can place great environmental stresses on the electrical and physical operation of the servers. The PowerEdge XE2420 is purpose-built to operate under extended system operating temperatures from 5C to 40C (41F to 104F). Since these environments can be dusty, there is an optional filter built into the Bezel that is designed to remove particulate matter. It is designed to seamlessly pair with Dell EMC Modular Data Center Micro 4-series for Reliable scalability.

Pricing Notes:

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