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Dell EMC SC5020F All-Flash Storage Array
Smart AFA choice for modern workloads

Dell EMC SC5020 All-Flash Storage Array

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Take the inside track to great storage with two SC All-Flash base array options. Both models feature a 3U “all-in-one” format, including active/active dual controllers with 8-core Intel Xeon processors, up to 256GB memory and multi-protocol flexibility with 32Gb FC, 16Gb FC, 10Gb iSCSI and new 100Gb and 25Gb iSCSI I/O options. 5 With SC All-Flash, your infrastructure will be ready for tomorrow’s network speeds!

Welcome to a better flash architecture

Bring the power and speed of Dell EMC all-flash storage to bear on your toughest business challenges. Whether your goals include general-purpose workload consolidation, a new VDI deployment, high-volume OLTP systems or an allflash private cloud, SC All-Flash storage delivers modern SSD performance with simplicity, flexibility and value. Why compromise with less complete solutions? These arrays have everything you need to get started with all-flash faster – and see all-flash results sooner.

Transformational performance

Transformational performance

End-to-end flash helps you do things you thought were impossible, taking your business to new levels of productivity and success. SC All-Flash’s active/active, performance-centric design keeps IOPS and throughput high as you scale up and out, while ensuring every dollar you spend is targeted directly on application acceleration.

Dynamic intelligence

Dynamic intelligence

Purpose-built to adapt to constant change and growth, SC All-Flash boosts workloads without interruption, even as environments evolve unpredictably. The days of saying “no” to business opportunity because of rigid storage infrastructures are over. You now have unprecedented flexibility to test new ideas and shift strategies on the fly, helping your data center become a key competitive enabler for your company.

Efficiency and value

Efficiency and value

Automate your cost savings with innovative self-optimization features, including Intelligent Deduplication and Compression. Pervasive “thin methods” and intuitive management tools maximize and extend critical resources – and best of all, the entire suite of advanced SC Series software features is enabled by default. No extra licenses to buy or maintain!

Fully mobilize your data

Everything about SC All-Flash is fast (over 1 million max IOPS fast1 ) – but IOPS-crunching performance is just the beginning. These dependable arrays also provide deployment velocity and configuration agility to help your business compete in today’s dynamic markets. The enterprise-proven SC Operating System automates and manages the most time-consuming, error-prone aspects of change, including server/LUN mappings, allowing you to freely migrate, rebalance and consolidate data without interrupting workloads or reconfiguring hosts.

FEDERATE the combined performance and capacity of up to 10 arrays
Thanks to their built-in “storage hypervisor” capability, multiple SC All-Flash arrays can be grouped in federated systems under unified management. Data mobility within a federation is easy and transparent to hosts. Need to move a volume to another array? Live Migrate makes it click-simple, keeping workloads online and preserving snapshot and replication relationships throughout the move. Included Volume Advisor even offers ongoing load balancing guidance, suggesting the best initial data locations, then alerting you with optimization recommendations as time goes by.

Always available storage
Included Live Volume also keeps workloads running during unexpected outages and disasters. Non-disruptive autofailover between fully-synchronized volumes on local and remote arrays protects your vital business operations with no need for extra hardware or software purchases. Live Volume helps you achieve ZERO RTO/RPO, and even autorepairs your high-availability environment when a downed array comes back online.

Always available storage
Change storage configurations quickly without impacting your workloads. Federated architecture with built-in auto-failover makes SC All-Flash the smart choice to deliver consistent value in volatile business environments.

Aggressive cost savings

Despite these advanced capabilities, SC All-Flash arrays are remarkably affordable – and they don’t wait around for you to figure out how to reduce lifecycle expense. Proactive self-optimization features such as Intelligent Deduplication and Compression, RAID tiering, and a host of others work constantly in the background to auto-tune your environment to respond to real-world usage patterns. Data is placed, migrated and space-reduced at just the right time to maximize cost savings while minimizing performance impact – yet you always maintain policy-based, system-wide control.

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