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Dell EMC SC7020 Storage Array
Overcome diverse storage challenges with the flexible, powerful future-ready

Dell EMC SC7020 Storage Array

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Accelerate your workloads, automate your savings

SC Series Hybrid arrays take the guesswork out of storage economics with a modern architecture that optimizes your data center for cost-savings while delivering transformational SSD, HDD or tiered performance.

SC is an integrated portfolio of array models that work together to give companies of all sizes the technology advantage they need to compete in today’s volatile markets. From affordable entry solutions offering the lowest effective $/GB1 , to large arrays providing over 2 million maximum IOPS and 6PB raw capacity2 , SC has the power to take you from where you are now to where you want to go.

Highlights include:

  • Advanced auto-tiering – Achieve IOPS goals with the least expensive mix of storage media, even as performance needs evolve. Data Progression and RAID tiering eliminate manual provisioning and help your storage adapt to the unique requirements of each workload.
  • Deduplication & Compression – Dramatically reduces the raw capacity required to store your data
  • Multi-array Federation – Gives you freedom to make fast changes without interrupting applications and users
  • World-class deployment & support options – From intuitive customer-installable solutions, to expert onsite and remote professional services, SC Series has what it takes to ensure your installation goes right the first time.

Respond to changing requirements

Self-optimizing SC arrays auto-tune your environment for day-to-day and long-term success, helping you stay agile in an unpredictable future. Based on real-time usage monitoring and application performance demands, patented SC Data Progression continually adjusts multiple drive tiers and RAID levels for maximum efficiency.

By default, all new data is written to the fastest Tier 1 drives at RAID 10 speeds, then converted to economical RAID 5/6 (on the same drives) for subsequent reads. As data ages, it’s moved to less expensive storage until it becomes more active again. Data is precisely where it’s needed, when it’s needed – the perfect combination of high IOPs and cost savings.

0-100% Flash architecture

0-100% Flash architecture

Target specific price/ performance ratios with any mix of SSDs and HDDs – then modify the mix as your needs change. Add more flash to boost performance, or “cheap and deep” spinning disk as cold data volumes grow. Hot data will always be written to your fastest drives at the fastest RAID levels.

Intelligent Data Reduction

Intelligent Data Reduction

SC Series Deduplication and Compression are applied dynamically at a sub-LUN level to reduce capacity needs while cranking up performance throughout the data lifecycle. Never stuck in a single mode for any given data set, SC data reduction works with Data Progression to consistently drive down expenditures on SSDs, HDDs or both.

Low-Cost Business Continuity

Easy Multi-Array Systems

When you’re ready, the innovative SCOS (SC Operating System) software makes multiarray expansion and management a breeze, automating time-consuming, error-prone tasks such as server/LUN mapping. Rebalance or consolidate workloads with minimal effort – and zero interruption to services.

FEDERATE the combined performance and capacity of up to 10 arrays

Thanks to a built-in “storage hypervisor” capability, multiple heterogeneous SC Series models can be grouped in federated clusters under unified management. Need to move a volume to another array? Included Live Migrate makes it click-simple, keeping workloads online and preserving snapshot and replication relationships throughout the move. Volume Advisor offers ongoing load balancing guidance, suggesting the best initial data locations, then alerting you with optimization recommendations over time.

Always available storage

SC Series Live Volume also keeps workloads running during unexpected outages and disasters with non-disruptive autofailover between synchronized volumes on local and remote arrays. This service guards vital business operations 24/7, helps you achieve “Zero RTO/RPO” goals, and even auto-repairs your high-availability environment when a downed array comes back online.

Always available storage

Rich feature set protects your investment

Despite remarkably low entry and lifecycle costs, SC Series offers a comprehensive range of advanced features and integrations to ensure your array continues to add value, even as the business grows and matures.

  • Powerful native management tools – New Unisphere HTML5 Web UI lets you configure SC quickly with no software installation required. Just point your browser from any mobile device to accomplish most day-to-day tasks. Popular DSM (Dell Storage Manager) client application is still available for advanced management.
  • CloudIQ – Free cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) suite provides predictive analytics, categorized alerts, remediation recommendations and a convenient dashboard to monitor the health of your SC environment.
  • Dynamic Capacity – Pervasive “thin methods” allocate capacity exclusively on demand.
  • Thin snapshots – Records changes only, preserved automatically when you move data within a federation.
  • Thin clones – Create virtually unlimited volume copies for VDI or Test/Dev, without consuming additional space.
  • Replication – Sync/async, single-hop, multi-hop (chained), 1-to-many mixed topology, deduped for efficiency.
  • Multi-protocol network support – Flexible FC and iSCSI connections, up to 33,000 MB/s bandwidth per array.
  • Native application recovery tools – Replay Manager ensures reliable application consistent snapshots of Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) enabled applications (Exchange, SQL Server and Hyper-V) and VMware virtual machines (VMs). Recover more quickly from farther back in time, with lower risk of human error.
  • Chargeback – Simplifies budgeting by calculating storage costs for individual applications and departments.
  • Distributed sparing – 500% faster rebuilds,5 eliminates need for dedicated spares, use all drives for I/O
  • Persistent software licensing – Never pay twice for the same software, minimizes cost of upgrades
  • PS Series (EqualLogic) integration – Unified management and cross-platform replication lets you combine two array platforms in a single solution.
  • QoS (Quality of Service), Multi-VLAN tagging, SED Encryption, VVOLS, and more…

Trusted, enterprise-class solution

And of course SC Series is backed by the #1 market leader in flash, and the #1 leader in storage overall. Dell EMC products are ubiquitous in data centers around the world -- and you get the benefit of all that technology and business expertise!

  • World-class services options – Choose from a range of comprehensive deployment and support options, including ProSupport, ProDeploy, and new Optimize Services. Our renowned team can reduce deployment costs, accelerate time to completion, and even monitor your environment to fix problems before they occur.
  • Dell EMC hardware/software support – SC Hybrid arrays support popular Dell EMC products including PowerPath, ViPR, VPLEX, AppSync, RecoverPoint, Connectrix, Data Domain and more.
  • Broad 3rd-party integration – Dell EMC has deep relationships with the ecosystem and application leaders that matter to you. VMware, Microsoft, Oracle, OpenStack, IBM, CommVault, VERITAS, Foglight and more.

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