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VCE VxRack System 1000 with Neutrino Nodes
deploy a stable and reliable OpenStack environment quickly and successfully

VCE VxRack System 1000 with Neutrino Nodes

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Businesses everywhere are embracing the promise of Digital Transformation. IT organizations looking to accelerate their digital transformation are facing a need to drive continuous growth and innovation with cloud native applications, forcing a modernization in technology, processes, skills and roles.

The transition from traditional P2 apps to cloud-native P3 apps isn’t an easy one. With different characteristics, such as infrastructure and resiliency requirements, the DIY approach to building a cloud native environment isn’t a simple undertaking. Some of the challenges organizations face with cloud-native are:

  • Lacking/finding/retaining the right talent that are experts in open source
  • Architecting, deploying and maintaining a cloud native infrastructure
  • Understanding OpenStack complexities
  • Managing updates/upgrades/patches of community supported code
  • Determining accurate time to market; can take months to design and deploy cloud native infrastructure
  • Uncertainty of success, with a small percentage of successful deployments reported to date

These challenges have increased the demand for purpose-built cloud native solutions that provide a quick to deploy, easy to manage on-premise cloud that can support a variety of public cloud-like services.

traditional vrs cloud native

Introducing VxRack With Neutrino Nodes

Turnkey cloud-native Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

VxRack with Neutrino Nodes was architected with cloud native in mind: pairing the benefits of the VCE VxRack System 1000 hyper-converged, industry standard hardware with purpose-built management, provisioning and reporting software.

VxRack with Neutrino Nodes is for Enterprises that need a predicable business outcome and have been asked by the Line of Business (LOB) to deliver an OpenStack environment, but don’t have the time or expertise needed to build their own infrastructure from the ground up. With the hardware components arriving preconfigured and racked and automated provisioning of OpenStack, a Cloud Compute Service can be up and running and delivered to the LOB in a single day…with just a few clicks. Any OpenStack based application built with VxRack with Neutrino Nodes can be ported to another project, at any time, with no vendor lock-in.

Thanks to its unique architecture, VxRack with Neutrino Nodes will be able to support other cloud-native environments in the future, such as VMware Photon. This allows organizations an unprecedented level of flexibility in terms of supporting varied business needs in a turnkey fashion.

Manage the Service Lifecycle

Organizations who are transitioning traditional-based roles/skills to cloud-based roles/skills can accommodate this transition easily with VxRack with Neutrino Nodes fully automated processes. In just a few clicks cloud administrators can:

  • Select nodes and provision a fully operational OpenStack environment
  • Add/remove nodes to dynamically respond to business needs
  • Monitor and report on the infrastructure and services
  • Replace nodes for maintenance, etc.
  • Upgrade the service

Proactively Manage the Infrastructure and Services

Ongoing monitoring of the environment is crucial for any organization and VxRack with Neutrino Nodes makes it easy for you to evaluate performance and analyze trends, estimate resource requirements to meet future growth and troubleshoot when needed.

  • Health monitoring and reporting shows the overall health of the infrastructure, Platform and Cloud Compute Service components. Tree maps at the top of the dashboards show real-time status while the tables give some more details.
  • Performance monitoring and reporting simplifies OpenStack performance visualization that a multi-service Cloud Administrator requires. With centralized reporting of the complete solution broken down into infrastructure, service and account, Cloud Administrators have the detailed information they need, when they need it.
  • Alerting Predefined alerts for bricks, nodes, disks, services, licensing, software components, storage, and switches are available. The Cloud Administrator can configure which alerts they want enabled or disabled and set thresholds for alert severity.
  • Capacity planning is important for Cloud Administrators to be able to predict when additional hardware is required. To achieve this, VxRack Neutrino not only shows you the current resource usage but also usage trends, providing Cloud Administrators with 6 month projections. The Cloud Compute Service also has advanced planning tools that simulate potential new workload scenarios.

Native Hybrid Cloud

For organizations that have been asked by the LOB to quickly deploy and support a Pivotal Cloud Foundry implementation, VxRack with Neutrino Nodes is key for a quick deployment of the new Native Hybrid Cloud engineered solution from EMC. Native Hybrid Cloud is a best of class-engineered solution for cloud-native application development that allows the business to rapidly innovate and deliver differentiated value to market. The Native Hybrid Cloud combines PaaS with VxRack with Neutrino Nodes, professional services and single vendor support to create a modern developer platform that can be delivered in days rather than months to years.