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Dell Compellent Dynamic Capacity
Maximum utilization with minimal resources

Dell Compellent Dynamic Capacity


Today's virtual server infrastructures demand full visibility into both allocation and how your capacity is actually consumed, as well as the ability to assess how data grows over time. To stay competitive, you need to maximize your storage investment by fully utilizing capacity and gaining the ability to flexibly plan for long-term growth.

Dell Compellent Dynamic Capacity software helps organizations optimize storage utilization by eliminating pre-allocation of capacity. Built into the storage platform, the thin provisioning software allows Dell Compellent storage to consume only the capacity actually used by an application, leaving unused disk space in the storage pool available to all other servers and applications. Administrators can provision any size virtual volume upfront, but consume disk space only when data is written.

Built into every Dell Compellent Storage Center system, thin provisioning delivers efficient storage utilization. Our advanced thin provisioning, called Dynamic Capacity, completely separates storage allocation from utilization, enabling users to allocate any size volume upfront yet only consume physical capacity on write. You can even reclaim capacity that is no longer in use by applications, automatically reduce the space needed for virtual OS volumes and convert traditional volumes on existing storage to thin-provisioned capacity.

Advanced thin provisioning

Dell Compellent Thin Provisioning delivers the highest enterprise storage utilization possible by eliminating pre-allocated but unused capacity. The software, Dynamic Capacity, completely separates allocation from utilization, enabling users to provision any size volume upfront yet only consume disk space when data is written. Thin Write technology assesses the incoming payload and designates capacity for each write on demand, leaving unused disk space in the storage pool for other servers and applications.

How to Optimize Disk Utilization with Dynamic Capacity

  • Delivers high levels of storage utilization by separating allocation from utilization
  • Leverages intelligence built into the storage layer, not a bolt-on solution
  • Creates thin, imports thin, manages thin and replicates thinReduce storage costs by delaying storage purchases and eliminating allocated but unused disk space
  • Increase availability by eliminating downtime due to volume expansion
  • Improve performance by creating smaller volumes and writing only actual data
  • Reduce the cost of maintainingallocated but unused capacity
  • Allow for future growth without purchasing idle physical disks
  • Reclaim wasted capacity of legacy storage when importing data
  • Eliminate the pre-allocated but unused disk capacity inherent to traditional network storage systems
  • Expand volumes online and add capacity on the fly to accommodate change without disruption or downtime
  • Convert legacy volumes to virtual volumes when introducing them to the storage pool using Thin Import
  • Use Free Space Recovery to reclaim disk space after files are deleted in Windows® environments
  • Automate storage consumption monitoring and trend analysis with capacity threshold alerts and history reports
  • Reduce the capacity needed to store existing data up to 40% when migrating to Dell Compellent