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Dell Compellent Server Instant Replay
Simplify server management

Dell Compellent Server Instant Replay


As part of Dell Compellent Data Instant Replay license, Dell Compellent Server Instant Replay functionality gives you a complete boot from SAN solution that helps reduce capital costs, cuts administrative time and can increase server performance and availability. Making implementation seamless, the Dell Compellent Storage Center SAN provides management without server-based agents that would interfere with the server boot process. An intuitive wizard automates the entire process, allowing admins to provision or recover servers with just a few clicks.

Boot from SAN

Dell Compellent Server Instant Replay is a complete Boot from SAN solution that leverages space-efficient snapshots to simplify physical and virtual server management. Using boot images stored on the Storage Center SAN, network storage administrators can deploy, provision or recover servers in minutes. There is no need for full-volume clones or server-based agents that may interfere with the process. The enterprise storage software is also ideal for testing application upgrades and patches without risk.

How to Simplify Server Management with Instant Replays

  • Use boot from SAN technology to slash server costs while reducing server recovery time
  • Easily manage server images and upgrades, ensure disaster recovery and help reduce power and cooling costs
  • Automate the boot process, allowing you to provision and recover servers in just a few clicks
  • Included with Data Instant Replay License
  • Can lower first-year server costs by eliminating direct-attached drives
  • Reduce time to deploy, provision and recover servers from hours to minutes
  • Deploy dozens of virtual machines using the same base Replay
  • Easily implement a robust test environment; test upgrades and patches on real data without risk
  • Cut storage capacity requirements with space-efficient boot images
  • Reduce the time to deploy, provision and recover servers from 8 hours to less than 15 minutes
  • Eliminate wasted capacity and reduce power/cooling costs using space-efficient boot images stored on the SAN
  • Cut the costs of server hardware and on-site service agreements with diskless servers
  • Provision multiple VMs simultaneously using shared gold images and automatic LUN masking
  • Easily implement a robust test environment for upgrades and patches using real datasets
  • Replace or add new servers with minimal downtime