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Dell DX6000G Object Storage Platform
Efficiently Store, Access and Distribute Digital Content

Dell DX6000G Object Storage Platform

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Data volumes are growing exponentially, and Dell has an evolutionary and comprehensive Intelligent Data Management (IDM) strategy to help give you back control. Dell's IDM portfolio includes platforms, software, applications and services that are designed to give you efficiency and visibility into your organization's data access and usage requirements so that you can align storage tiering and management policies to the changing business value of information. In particular, storage of unstructured content such as rich media, presents a challenge which must be dealt with for compliance and business requirements. Use of traditional SAN and NAS disk for secondary storage of content or data objects comes with a high price tag and tapebased systems bring their own access challenges. To meet these needs, Dell created the DX Object Storage Platform as part of its IDM strategy to offer an affordable peer-scaling object storage architecture based on industry-standard hardware.

Intelligent Data Management is an evolutionary lifecycle approach to information that manages capacity optimization along with automated policies that utilize metadata along with storage management software to automatically place content on the right storage tier and type. A key pillar of this strategy is the Dell DX Object Storage Platform — a complete, integrated hardware and software solution designed to handle storage of files and accompanying metadata on disk-based storage nodes. The platform scales to handle billions of objects through the use of unique file identifiers created from one enormous, flat, non-hierarchical address space. A basic DX configuration consists of either 2Ux4 drive or density-optimized 2Ux12 drive x86-based "storage nodes" and one out-of-band cluster services node. Each storage node can contain between 1 to 24TB of raw data. Use of standards based hardware and DX Object Storage software creates a lower cost solution than traditional SAN storage and easier, smarter management and scalability than traditional NAS platforms.

The Dell DX Object Storage Platform is designed to intelligently access, store, protect and distribute fixed digital content. From Web publishing to archiving, the Dell DX Object Storage Platform offers a powerful combination of data and storage management features, and an elegant, self-managing, peer-scaling architecture.

  • Simple — Simple to implement, manage and adapt
  • Scalable — Scalable from a few terabytes to multiple petabytes; store billions of files and get broad access through HTTP and with the new DX6000G, via standard file protocols (CIFS and NFS) 
  • Affordable — Self-managing and self-healing with x86 hardware and integrated software

What is object storage?

Object storage is the intelligent evolution of disk storage — creating, storing and distributing variable-sized data objects, and their associated metadata, rather than simply placing blocks of data on tracks and sectors. Each object has its rich metadata inextricably linked to it, enabling long-term preservation while ensuring data remains safe and accessible over time.

Object Storage Graphic Simple architecture
A flat-address-space design removes file-system complexity and the need to manage logical unit numbers (LUNs) and RAID groups.

Automated management, serial ATA- (SATA) and near-line SAS based storage and a modular scaling approach result in low total cost of ownership. 

By incorporating metadata into objects, object-based storage enables you to apply preservation, retention and deletion policies — thereby reducing lower management resources — and to facilitate enhanced discovery. 

Enhanced scalability 
An extremely large number of available addresses means a common storage pool can support literally billions of objects.

Powerful data management

Information is only valuable when it can be accessed, but keeping it readily available can be cumbersome and expensive. With the Dell DX Object Storage Platform, you can simplify data management while easily expanding capacity.

Powerful data managementObject-based and metadata-aware disk storage lets you identify and retrieve information quickly; better leverage your data for decision-making; automatically manage that data from creation through deletion; and minimize your dependence on complex and sometimes unreliable tape storage.

  • Policy-based management provides automated, object-level retention and deletion based on metadata, eliminating the human errors, access and preservation problems that increase risk and drive up costs.
  • Self-healing functionality continuously self-manages the integrity of stored objects to detect and repair errors and automatically reconfigures and regenerates objects without the need for IT intervention.
  • Easy interface employs simple HTTP, optional DX6000G for CIFS/NFS, and offers a native API SDK integration toolkit.
  • Dell ProConsult Services offer collaborative consultation to help you design a system that fits your specific needs.

You can now reduce your storage footprint and improve storage utilization and optimization with the new DX6000G Storage Compression Node (SCN). This feature can transmit compressed or decompressed data, using policies to intelligently move archived objects based on your need for high compression or fast rehydration.

The Dell DX Object Storage Platform is also supported by a large and ever-growing number of independent software vendors (ISVs) who can help maximize your investment with a common object-storage pool for multiple applications.

Scale to billions of objects

You can be confident that DX Object Storage will scale to keep pace with your growth. Ideal for large-scale digital content and long-term data storage, object storage empowers your organization to add capacity without the setup and management complexity, or the costs of performance storage. Now, with the new DX6000G SCN option, you can maximize capacity utilization for infrequently accessed content through object compression. This policy-based storage optimization can be achieved by moving data automatically between two types of compression modes.

  • Massively expand your system. Add capacity in amounts from 1TB up to multiple petabytes and billions of objects, without the complexity or limitations of a traditional file system.
  • Scale at your own pace. Flexible, peer-scaling architecture enables a perfect balance between capacity and throughput.
  • Build a digital content cloud. DX Object Storage enables cloud computing across an organization for governance, discovery and business intelligence.
  • Access unstructured data for multiple applications. Foundational storage tier secures data in one place for risk and cost management and enables enhanced discovery and decision-making capabilities.
  • Compression solution (optional). Free up storage space using Dell’s new Ocarina based software featuring data compression.

Superb cost management

Superb cost managementDX Object Storage can help cut storage costs versus traditional performance storage methods, allowing you to affordably store and access your digital content without locking yourself into a costly, inflexible strategy.

  • Standards-based x86 hardware
    DX Object Storage is built on Dell’s rack-based server platforms that have been optimized for storage.
  • End-to-end solution
    The fully integrated hardware and software solution comes with available design, implementation and support services.
  • Transparent upgrades
    As storage needs evolve, you can easily add, replace or retire nodes without any manual migration requirements.
  • Power optimization
    Configure power-optimization features, such as drive spin-down, to meet specific use-case and cost priorities.
  • Scaling options
    Storage nodes are available in either 4-drive or 12-drive configurations to meet your initial capacity needs, provide flexible capacity upgrades and achieve your unique performance requirements.

Configuration flexibility

Dell DX Object Storage Platform offers several configurations to meet current and future customer needs:

DX6000 Cluster Services Node provides content routing, network and replicator services for the DX solution.
4-drive DX storage node
12-drive DX storage node
DX6000G Cluster File Server (CFS) provides standard CIFS and NFS file protocol access to the DX solution (optional)
DX6000G Storage Compression Node (SCN) provides object compression (optional)

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