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Dell AppAssure 5
Backup, Replication and Recovery Software

Introducing AppAssure 5 – Going beyond backup to advanced data protectionDell AppAssure 5

AppAssure first revolutionized data protection by unifying backup, replication and recovery in one software solution. Designed for virtual, physical and cloud environments, AppAssure’s continual data and application backups, daily data integrity, validation and flexible recovery options provide customers with unparalleled data protection. And now you can protect Linux servers too - all with the same AppAssure 5 product.

AppAssure 5 extends its core protection capabilities to address the challenges of today’s larger and more complex data environments. Specifically:

Backup, Replication and Recovery

Reduce downtime and cut RTOs from hours to minutes or seconds with AppAssure. It offers:

  • Flexible recovery: choose local, offsite or disaster recovery. Recover to a virtual or physical machine. Restore at any level: single file, message or data object, or restore a complete machine.
  • Fast, small or large-scale recovery:Recover anywhere, to any machine. Choose local or off-site recoveries to any available machines, even to dissimilar hardware.

  • Reduce data loss: After a disaster, quickly recover from up to 288 daily incremental backups for nearly unlimited RPO granularity.
  • Deduplicate for efficiency: AppAssure integrated deduplication and file compression cuts storage requirements by up to 80 percent.

  • Access to global software support: Dell ProSupport™ provides access to backup and recovery experts available around the clock and around the globe, ensuring your systems are backed up and running quickly.

  • Access to remote installation services:Dell Remote Installation Services include installation and configuration options for customers that require assistance deploying AppAssure software.

backup and recoveryProtect both virtual and physical machines with AppAssure’s single software solution

AppAssure allows you to protect both physical and virtual systems running either Windows or Linux from a single console:

Take a unified approach to data backup and recovery

Three ground-breaking technologies form the foundation of AppAssure application protection of Windows environments:

Application-aware Backup Software

Dell AppAssure provides deep application integration with today's mission-critical Microsoft applications, including: